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Faculty Affairs

Academic Policy Manual

400 - Student Affairs

Documents are linked to the section numbers.

401-410 Student Affairs
Last Updated Section Description
Oct 2023 405 Student Records Administration Policy | Interactive Form
July 1990 407 Guidelines for Financial Institution Access to Students on the Campus
Oct 2023 410 Student Athlete Recruitment Code
411-415 Student Rights
Last Updated Section Description
Oct 2023 415 Dispute Resolution Policy (previously "Student Grievance Procedures"
416-420 Student Discipline
Last Updated Section Description
Oct 2023 419 Policy on Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Interactive Form

Resource Chart

Responding to Behavioral Disruptions Guide (3/2013)

March 19, 2013 Presentation Handout
March 26, 2020 420 Student Athlete Code of Conduct
421-440 Miscellaneous Policies Relating to Students
Last Updated Section Description
Jan 1994 421 On Campus Recruiting
Nov 1967 430 Distribution of Non-State Budgeted Funds
Nov 2012 440 Awarding Posthumous Degrees

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