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Faculty Affairs

Academic Policy Manual

500 - Research Compliance

Documents are linked to the section numbers.

501-515 General Policies Related to Grants and Contracts
Last Updated  Section Description
October 4, 2017 501 Policy on the Administration of Sponsored Programs
March 19, 2018 502 Policy on Cost Share / Match
October 4, 2017 503 Policy on Indirect Cost Recoveries and Allocations
March 19, 2018 504 Policy on Effort Reporting for Research and Sponsored Programs
October 4, 2017 505 Interim Policy on Conflict of Interest for Principal Investigators
March 19, 2018 507 Assigned Time for Research Program
June 1977 509 Policy on Participation in Field Experiences with Contracting Agencies under Conditions of Personal Risk
March 19, 2018 510 Policy on Investigations of Scientific Misconduct
516-525 Protection of Human and Animal Subjects
Last Updated  Section Description
January 2012 516 Research and Protection of Human Subjects (Website: /humansubjects/index.html)
October 2002 525 Policy for Institutional Animal Care and Use Procedures for Teaching, Experimentation, or Research at California State University, Fresno
526-530 Handling of Controlled Substances
Last Updated  Section Description
Oct 2023 526 Policy and Procedures Relating to the Use of Controlled Substances in Teaching and Research
Oct 2023 527 Policy for the Use of Radioisotopes and Ionizing Radiation for Teaching
Oct 2023 528 Policy on Biosafety in Research and Teaching
Link to BioHazrd Fillable Form
531-545 Intellectual Property
Last Updated Section Description
Oct 2023 540 Intellectual Property Policy

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