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Faculty Affairs

Academic Policy Manual

600 - Miscellaneous Policies

Documents are linked to the section numbers.

601-650 University Policies
Last Updated Section Description
  EO 958 & 929 Complaint Procedures for Allegations of Retaliation for Disclosure of Improper Government Activities (Whistleblowing Policy) 
Oct 2023 622 Interim Policy on Acceptable Use Policy of Information Technology Resources
Oct 2023 623 Web Policy
Oct 2023 624 Interim Accessibility and Nondiscrimination Policy Addressing ADA, ADAAA, Sections 504 & 508 of the Rehabilitation Act & Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations
Oct 2023 625 Outside Speakers and Events on Campus

EO 1062



CSU Executive Order 1062 Field Trip Policy and Procedures (

Risk Management Site:

June 16, 2015 _ 627 Policy on Publications
October 2023 635 Policy on the Use of the University Name/Logo/Seal By External Groups
December 2014 640 Policy on Official Campus Stationary and Business Cards
  648 University Policy on Video Monitoring and Surveillance Activities
Oct 2023 676 Policy on the Review and Approval of International Agreements
  MAPP See Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP) for the following:
  B-43 Policy on Unrelated Business Income
  H-10 Policy on Use of State Telephones and Fax Machines
  D-08  Policy on the Use of Buildings and Grounds 
  G-04  Policy on Campus Use of Alcoholic Beverages 
  G-19 Policy on Ergonomics and Use of Special Funds
  G-19 Policy for display of the Flag at Half-Staff
  D-08 Policy on Overnight Use of Campus by University and Non-University Related Events (Sections 21 & 22)
  D-08 Policy on Use of Campus Streets  (Section 28)
  D-15  Policy on Major Activities in the Amphitheater
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