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Faculty Affairs

Professional Leaves

Note:  Academic Year Sabbatical leaves (1/2 pay), Difference-In-Pay leaves, and Unpaid Professional leaves reduce pay and therefore reduce retirement contributions.  You may be eligible to purchase professional leave time.  Contact Benefits for information about purchasing time upon your return at 278-2032.

Paid Professional Leaves: Request for Interfolio Case

  • Paid Professional Leave applications will be completed and reviewed in Interfolio. 
  • To request a case to apply during 2023-2024 for the 2024-2025 academic year click here
  • List of Faculty eligible to apply during 2023-2024 for the 2024-2025 academic year click here

Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbatical Leaves are available to full-time faculty and librarians in order to facilitate their professional development and thus enhance the overall quality of the University and its instructional programs.

There are 2 types of sabbaticals 

  • Full-pay Leave for 1 Semester
  • Half-pay Leave for 1 Academic Year (Fall and Spring)

Eligibility for a Sabbatical:  complete six full-time years (must be full-time both semesters) in the previous 7 years following any previous sabbatical leave or six consecutive full-time years for since appointment.

References:  Article 27 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement 
                     APM 360 Sabbatical and Difference-in-Pay (DIP) Leaves.

Difference-in-Pay Leaves

Difference-in-Pay compensates faculty an amount equal to the difference between the minimum salary of the lecturer A rank and their current salary for either the semester or the academic year.

Faculty are eligible for this type of leave after six years and then after three consecutive years of service since their last leave.

References:   Article 28 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement
                      APM 360 Sabbatical and Difference-in-Pay (DIP) Leaves

Professional Leave of Absence without Pay

Professional leaves of absence without pay may be for purposes of research, advanced study, professional development, or other purposes of benefit to the University.

References:  Article 22 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement
                     APM 361 Faculty Leaves of Absences

[web form link Professional LWOP]

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