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Academic Senate


Library Subcommittee

The Library Subcommittee is a Standing Subcommittee of the Academic Policy and Planning Committee (AP&P). It is charged with primary responsibility for recommending and monitoring, through AP&P, policies related to the collections, services and facilities of the Library . The Library Subcommittee shall also serve as an advisory body to the Dean of Library Services.

To view the entire committee charge, please go to this link (pdf).


Committee Members

  • Hilary Jones -(2027)(College of Soical Sciences)
  • Shuyi Liu- (2027)(library)
  • Hayssam El-Razouk - (2026) (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Kimberley Smith - (2024) (Library)
  • Dolly Lopez - (2026) (Library)
  • Leece Lee Oliver - (2025) (College of Social Sciences)
  • Becky L. Noel Smith - (2025) (Kremen School of Education and Human Development)
  • Jacob Wenger - (2026) (Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology)
  • Travis Cronin - (2026) (College of Health and Human Services)
  • Kelly Carrasco - (2025) (College of Science and Mathematics)
  • Mohammed Fallah - (2025) (Craig School of Business)
  • ________________- (Student Representative)
  • Bernadette Muscat - (Ex-Officio)



The minutes for Library subcommittee
Date Minutes Resources
04/08/2022 Minutes  
03/11/2022 Minutes  
02/11/2022 Minutes  
10/08/2021 Minutes N/A
09/17/2021 Minutes N/A
03/12/2021 Minutes N/A
02/19/2021 Minutes N/A
10/16/2020 Minutes N/A
05/08/2020 Minutes N/A
04/17/2020 Minutes N/A
02/14/2020 Minutes N/A
12/13/2019 Minutes N/A
11/05/2018 Minutes N/A
09/20/2018 Minutes N/A
10/13/2012 Minutes N/A
09/11/2012 Minutes N/A


Prior Minutes


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