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Academic Senate

Committee for Faculty Equity and Diversity (CFED)

The mission of the Committee for Faculty Equity and Diversity (CFED) is to monitor faculty issues related to equal opportunity, discrimination, and harassment; and increase campus awareness so that consistent compliance with policies and regulations is an integral part of campus operations.

To view the entire committee charge, please go to this link (pdf).

Committee Members

  • Kathryn Biacindo (Chair) - (Kremen School of Education & Human Development)
  • Nupur Hajela - (College of Health and Human Services)
  • Serhat Asci - (Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology)
  • Susan Henderson - (Craig School of Business)
  • Mario Banuelos - (College of Science and Mathematics)
  • Boutsaba Janetvilay - (Library)
  • Maria Calahorra-Jimenez - (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Marsha Baum - (Ex-officio)
  • Mary Lou Mendoza Miller - (Ex-officio)
  • D'Aungillique Jackson - (Student Representative)
  • Ashley Rivera-Garcia - (Student Representative)


The minutes for Equity and Diversity
Date Minutes Resources
10/21/2021 Minutes N/A
12/15/2020 Minutes N/A
11/17/2020 Minutes N/A
10/19/2020 Minutes N/A
09/22/2020 Minutes N/A
03/17/2020 Minutes N/A
02/18/2020 Minutes N/A
01/21/2020 Minutes N/A
12/17/2019 Minutes N/A
12/10/2019 Minutes N/A
11/19/2019 Minutes N/A
10/15/2019 Minutes N/A
09/17/2019 Minutes N/A
03/15/2019 Minutes N/A
12/07/2018 Minutes N/A
11/09/2018 Minutes N/A
05/04/2018 Minutes N/A
12/07/2017 Minutes N/A
10/20/2017 Minutes N/A



Prior Minutes


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