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Faculty Affairs

New Faculty Survival Guide

Faculty Handbook 2011-12

New Faculty Survival Guide 
Last updated Fall 2011
Part Part Title
All Print entire New Faculty Survival Guide as one document.
TOC Table of Contents and Introduction
I Top Ten Things about Fresno State
II Governance
III Faculty Responsibilities
IV Enrollment Management
V Instructional Support Resources
VI Classroom Management
VII Classroom Environment
VIII Grading and Grade Appeals
IX Student Support Services
X Performance Reviews
XI Professional Opportunities and Additional Employment
XII Salary and Benefits
XIII Sick Leave, Holidays, Vacation, and Other Absences
XIV Nuts and Bolts

The Faculty Handbook is organized alphabetically by topic. Each linked letter in the second column is to a section of the document in pdf format. Within each section, there are links that provide detailed information from several sources such as the Academic Policy Manual or the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

2004-2005 Faculty Handbook
Section Section Beginning and Ending Topics
A AAUP through Auxiliary Services Division
B BOP through Business, School of
C CAB through Custodial Services
D DARS through Duncan, Robert E. Athletic Facility
E EADP through Extension Program
F FAD through Fresno State Teacher's College
G GSI through Grosse Industrial Arts Building
H HEERA through Human Subjects
I Identification Cards through Introduction, Letters Of
JKL Joint Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership through Lost and Found
MO MPP through Overnight Use of Campus
PQ PERS through Questionnaires
R ROTC through Risk, Personal Field Trips
S SCOP through Syllabus
T Tax-Deferred Annuities through Tuition Waiver
U Unauthorized Withdrawal through Use of University Facilities during nonscheduled hours
V VPA through Voting by Proxy
WXYZ WASC through World Wide Web Services

Professional Enrichment

Campus Links