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Academic Senate

Academic Standards & Grading Subcommittee

The Academic Standards and Grading Subcommittee is a Standing Subcommittee of the Academic Policy and Planning Committee (AP&P). It is charged with monitoring the maintenance of academic, instructional, and grading standards appropriate to courses offered by the University.

Committee Charge

Senate, Committees, and Subcomittee Membership List


Committee Minutes

The minutes for Academic Standards and Grading Subcommittee
Date Minutes Resources
02/17/2023 Minutes  
02/02/2023 Minutes  
05/05/2022 Minutes  
02/10/2022 Minutes  
10/15/2021 Minutes N/A
05/04/2021 Minutes N/A
04/13/2021 Minutes N/A
03/02/2021 Minutes N/A
02/02/2021 Minutes N/A
11/13/2020 Minutes N/A
10/16/2020 Minutes N/A
05/07/2020 Minutes N/A
01/17/2020 Minutes N/A
09/20/2019 Minutes N/A
02/02/2018 Minutes N/A
09/29/2017 Minutes N/A
04/07/2017 Minutes N/A
03/08/2017 Minutes N/A
10/06/2016 Minutes N/A

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