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Academic Senate

 Research Subcommittee

In general, within its area of concern, the Research Sub-committee will interpret and apply existing policy in order to make recommendations on university research matters to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). Within its area of concern, the Subcommittee will also be responsible for initiating the formulation of new policy or the alteration of existing policy for substantive review by the Academic Policy and Planning Committee. AP&P may on occasion request the Subcommittee to prepare policy proposals on specified topics for review by AP&P.

To view the entire committee charge, please go to this link (pdf).

Committee Members

  • Alyssa Wilson-(2027) (College of Science and Mathematics) 
  • Sankha Banerjee-(2027) (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Cliff (Runze) Yu- (2027) (Jordan College of Agriculutural Sciences and Technology)
  • Jenna Kieckhaefer - (2025) (College of Social Sciences)
  • David Drexler - (2025) (Library)
  • Martha Vungkhanching - (2026) (College of Health & Human Services)
  • Yasar Nur Degeoglu- (2026) (Kremen School of Education & Human Development)
  • Fritz Schuelke (Aaron) - (2025) (College of Arts and Humanities)
  • Monique Bell - (2026) (Craig School of Business)
  • Frederick Lisitsa- (Student Representatitive)
  • Dr. Joy J. Goto - (Ex-Officio)
  • Keith Kompsi - (Ex-Officio)


The minutes for Research
Date Minutes Resources
02/01/2024 Minutes   
12/07/2023 Minutes  
11/05/2023 Minutes  
10/05/2023 Minutes  
09/07/2023 Minutes  
05/04/2023 Minutes  
02/09/2023 Minutes  
12/08/2022 Minutes  
11/10/2022 Minutes  
10/13/2022 Minutes  
09/08/2022 Minutes  
04/22/2022 Minutes  
11/19/2020 Minutes  
10/15/2020 Minutes N/A
09/17/2020 Minutes N/A
02/04/2020 Minutes N/A
12/03/2019 Minutes N/A
11/05/2019 Minutes N/A
10/01/2019 Minutes N/A
09/03/2019 Minutes N/A
04/30/2019 Minutes N/A
03/26/2019 Minutes N/A
02/26/2019 Minutes Review of the status of research
01/28/2019 Minutes N/A
12/06/2018 Minutes N/A
11/01/2018 Minutes N/A
10/04/2018 Minutes N/A
09/06/2018 Minutes N/A
05/02/2018 Minutes Review of the status of research
02/28/2018 Minutes N/A
01/31/2018 Minutes N/A
12/06/2017 Minutes N/A
11/01/2017 Minutes N/A
10/04/2017 Minutes N/A
05/11/2017 Minutes  Review of the status of research 
04/09/2017 Minutes N/A
03/09/2017 Minutes N/A
02/09/2017 Minutes N/A
12/01/2016 Minutes N/A
11/03/2016 Minutes N/A
10/06/2016 Minutes N/A
09/06/2016 Minutes N/A
08/24/2016 Minutes N/A
09/28/2015 Minutes N/A
05/05/2015 Minutes N/A


Prior Minutes



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