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Academic Senate

University Budget

The University Budget Committee shall be the deliberative body of the faculty on budget and resource use as they affect the University and including but not limited to instructional budget, allocation of faculty positions, allocation of space, institutional support budget, the athletic budget, facilities planning and selfsupport programs.

To view the entire committee charge, please go to this link (pdf).

Committee Members

  • Robert Maldonado (Chair) - (College of Arts and Humanities)
  • Xuanning Fu - (Ex-Officio)
  • Heather Horsely - (Kremen School of Education and Human Development)
  • Florence Cassel Sharma - (Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology)
  • Marianne Foley - (Library)
  • Kimberly Stillmaker - (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Harry Xia - (Craig School of Business)
  • Alija Mujic - (College of Science and Mathematics)
  • Alejandro Dasilva - (Student Representative)

Budget Committee Minutes


The minutes for Budget
Date Minutes Resources
03/03/2021 Minutes N/A
02/03/2021 Minutes N/A
12/03/2020 Minutes N/A
03/20/2019 Minutes N/A
02/20/2019 Minutes N/A
01/30/2019 Minutes N/A
12/05/2018 Minutes N/A
11/07/2018 Minutes N/A
10/05/2018 Minutes N/A
09/05/2018 Minutes N/A
05/16/2018 Minutes N/A
05/09/2018 Minutes N/A
04/18/2018 Minutes N/A
03/14/2018 Minutes N/A
02/21/2018 Minutes N/A
12/08/2017 Minutes N/A
11/29/2017 Minutes N/A
11/08/2017 Minutes N/A
10/18/2017 Minutes N/A
09/27/2017 Minutes N/A
09/06/2017 Minutes N/A
04/19/2017 Minutes N/A
03/29/2017 Minutes N/A
03/08/2017 Minutes N/A
02/01/2017 Minutes N/A

Prior Minutes

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