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Division of Academic Affairs

General Catalog Information

The Fresno State General Catalog contains information about academic programs, degree requirements, courses, policies, and regulations. See the catalog archive for catalog years 2022-23 and prior. Students must follow the catalog requirements as specified in their catalog year. See choice of catalog for information on catalog year rights.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • January - call goes out to the campus community to review and update areas that do not affect program requirements
  • March - all course changes must be approved prior to the fall wish list opening
  • April - the current acedemic year catalog is archived and no additional edits are made
  • May - the next academic year catalog is made static 
  • June - amendments to the static catalog are posted
  • July - amendments to the static catalog are posted
  • August - catalog will only be updated to correct current information until the April archive date
  • October - all course changes that do not affect program requirements must be approved prior to spring wish list opening 

Questions and Assistance

All questions and requests should be submitted to

Catalog Archive

The Fresno State General Catalog Archive is listed below from Academic Year 1980-81 to Academic Year 2021-22.  Archived catalogs after 2022-23 can be found on the top right dropdown menu on the Fresno State General Catalog Homepage. Information on archived catalogs prior to 1980-81 can be requested at catalog@csufresnoedu.

Major Roadmaps Archives 

The Roadmap Archives below is not a complete set of archives but shows requirements from Academic Years 2018-19 to 2020-21 highlighting the changes to General Education and University Requirements. Since then roadmaps have transitioned to My Degree Plan.  For additional information, please contact the appropriate College Advising Center.