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Academic Senate

Academic Information Technology Subcommittee

About AIT (return to top)

The Academic Information Technology (AIT) committee is a standing Subcommittee of the Academic Policy and Planning Committee (AP&P). It is the consultative committee for all matters relating to academic information technology planning, resources, policies, procedures, and evaluation and relating the use of technologies in instruction, research, and faculty development.

To view the entire committee charge please, go to this link (pdf).

Committee Members (return to top)

  • Hubert Cecotti - (Chair) (2025) (College of Science & Mathematics)
  • Arun Nambiar (2024) (Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Bryan Berrett - (Center for Faculty Excellence)
  • Mike Bach -(TILT Director's Desingee)
  • Aimee Jacobs - (2024) (Craig School of Business)
  • Woonki Na - (2023) (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Jordan Pickering - (2023) (College of Social Sciences)
  • Aldea Mulhern - (2024) (College of Arts and Humanities)
  • Hajela Nupur - (2023) (College of Health and Human Services)
  • David Klein - (Student Representative)
  • Robert Guinn - (Ex-Officio) (Chief Information Officer)
  • Brent Auernheimer - (Ex-Officio) (Provost's Designee)

AIT Meeting Minutes  (return to top)


The minutes for AIT Meetings
Date Minutes Resources
11/02/2020 Minutes N/A
10/05/2020 Minutes N/A
09/14/2020 Minutes N/A
04/13/2020 Minutes N/A
03/02/2020 Minutes N/A
02/03/2020 Minutes N/A
12/02/2019 Minutes N/A
11/04/2019 Minutes N/A
10/07/2019 Minutes N/A
09/09.2019 Minutes N/A
05/06/2019 Minutes N/A
02/04/2019 Minutes N/A
12/04/2017 Minutes N/A
10/09/2017 Minutes N/A
09/11/2017 Minutes N/A
05/01/2017 Minutes N/A
04/03/2017 Minutes N/A
03/06/2017 Minutes N/A
10/10/2016 Minutes N/A
12/14/2015 Minutes N/A
11/16/2015 Minutes N/A
10/26/2015 Minutes N/A
09/21/2015 Minutes N/A
05/04/2015 Minutes N/A
03/16/2015 Minutes N/A
02/02/2015 Minutes N/A
11/10/2014 Minutes N/A
10/13/2014 Minutes N/A
10/14/2013 Minutes N/A
09/09/2013 Minutes N/A
03/04/2013 Minutes N/A
02/04/2013 Minutes N/A


You may access prior meeting minutes by clicking on this link: Prior Minutes

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