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Office of IDEAS

Faculty Champions

2022-23 Champions


  • Dermot Donnelly-Hermosillo
  • Selena Van Horn
  • Jes Therkelsen
  • Jennifer Miele
  • Mario Banuelos
  • Tanisha Garcia
  • Shahab Tayeb
  • Ranjit Riar
  • Maria-Aparecida Lopes


The following facilitators were an integral part of our faculty training this past year. They provided synchronous sessions, grading and commenting and general support in our HyFlex, DISCOVERe, and ACUE programs as well as our Teaching with Resilient Course Design summer workshops. We also had two faculty lead sessions as Certified CSU Facilitators for the Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) courses.


Marvita Gowdy, COSS


Joe Ross, CSM


Hubert Muchalski, CSM

Natalie Muñoz, CAH

Lalita Oka, CSM

Faith Sidlow, CAH

Shahab Tayeb, CSM

Reslient Course Design

Garbralle Conroe, KSOEHD

Joy Goto, CSM

Trang Phan, KSOEHD

Matin Pirouz, CSM

Caio Sarmento, CHHS

Balaji Sethuramasamyraja, JCAST


Edward Boyle, CHHS

Annabella España-Najera, COSS