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Office of IDEAS

Ally for Canvas Accessibility

Fresno State uses Ally, a tool that focuses on making digital course content more accessible within our learning management system (LMS). Self-enroll in the Mini Learning Modules found on Canvas and go through the  Ally - Accessibility module for information and guides about using Ally to create accessible content.

Remediating Files

You will see Ally indicators next to each file in your course.

  • 0 - 33% - Red. The file is not accessible and needs immediate attention.
  • 34 - 66% - Orange. The file is somewhat accessible.
  • 67 - 99% - Green. The file is accessible but could be improved.
  • 100% -  Perfect! Dark Green. The file has no accessibility issues identified.

Don't be alarmed if you see something other than Dark Green indicators! Follow these 5 steps to move the needle:

If you have not activated your Accessibility Report, go to your course shell, and from the left side menu, click on the Settings tab. From there, click on the Navigation tab. Find the Accessibility Report on the list and drag and drop it on the top list of items to enable it.


Before starting to fix any files, please make sure you go to the Files tab from the left-side menu and delete any files that are old and you are not using them on your course anymore.

TidyUP is a new feature for faculty in Canvas that allows you to quickly and easily delete unused materials from your course site. To use this tool, enable TidyUP in your course navigation settings. Before deleting files with TidyUp, ensure you have backed up your course. Training for this new tool is available in the Faculty Toolbox in the Cleaning Up your Canvas Course module.


From the Accessibility Report, start with the content with the easiest issues to fix, which usually includes adding alternative descriptions to images.


Once you finish the content with the easiest fixes, work through fixing low-scoring files, which can include replacing scanned PDFs by downloading an OCRed PDF from Ally's alternative formats to boost your score.


Leave towards the end the remaining issues. If you need support with the remaining issues, check out the resources linked below, or reach out to our accessibility department to schedule an one-on-one session with an instructional designer.


Here are some other options available to you to remediate these files. 

  • Use the built-in Accessibility Checker in various programs when creating content.
  • Request Library resources. The library may be able to find an accessible digital copy of your document. Email for assistance in this process.
  • Request an accessibility consultation from The Office of IDEAS Accessibility Resource Center. Email with your course ID and/or specific files for our team. to review.

Fix Your Content Day 2023

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Fresno State participated in the annual Fix Your Content Day in May 2023. Over the course of the 1-day challenge, Office of IDEAS staff, student assistants, and Fresno State faculty worked to increase accessibility of files in Canvas. The global event featured a total of nearly 90,000 file remediations at universities around the world. Learn more about the challenge and how you can "move the needle" on accessibility.

Fresno State participated in Fix Your Content Day 2023 May 18, 2023