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Office of IDEAS

Office of IDEAS Annual Report 2022-23

Leveraging the valuable experiences of our team, we have continued to effectively serve our students, staff, and faculty by integrating both in-person and remote modalities. We have expanded our focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism as core aspects in all of our professional development offerings. These efforts have had a profound impact on our interactions with our campus and throughout the CSU system.

We aim to create a transformative educational experience that values and respects the unique perspectives and backgrounds of all individuals within our university community. Through these efforts, we provide faculty with the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver exceptional education while actively addressing social issues and promoting equality. Looking ahead, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we continuously explore innovative approaches, collaborate with all campus stakeholders, and adapt to the numerous challenges we face in education.

We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that embraces change, celebrates diversity, and prepares our students for success. Together, we will continue to shape a brighter future for our students, university, and our community.

Bryan D. Berrett, Ed.D.
Director, Office of IDEAS & Professor, Deaf Studies

Strategic Goals 2022-23

  • Implement and assess Graduation Initiative 2025 (GI 2025) activities, including Equity Priority 5 and the culturally competent professional development programs for faculty.
  • Provide infrastructure for ongoing support, resources, and training for students and employees across our campus and into our community.
  • Enhance digital literacy experiences and innovative ways to modernize teaching and learning for all faculty.
  • Communicate our stories of innovation, collaboration, and impact.

Faculty Development

Dr. Marvita Gowdy leading a faculty learning community session in the IDEAS Lounge

This year’s faculty development offerings focused on meeting Equity Priority 5 of the CSU system-level initiative GI 2025, which is to promote equitable learning practices and reduce DFW rates.

  • ACUE Effective Online Teaching Practices Micro-credential
  • Advancing Inclusive Mentoring
  • Assignment Design Institute
  • Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship (DH/DS)
  • DISCOVERe Mobile Technology Program
  • Equity Minded Pedagogy
  • Faculty Writing Community
  • Humanizing Online STEM
  • HyFlex Teaching and Learning Program
  • QLT Course Design Bootcamp
  • Tequity (Apporto Learning Community)
  • Zero-Cost Course Materials

Advancing Inclusive Mentoring (AIM)

  • Dr. Nancy Nisbett
  • Dr. Earl Aguilera
  • Dr. Yuleinys Castillo
  • Dr. Elleen Woo

Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship (DH/DS)

  • Dr. J. Ashley Foster


  • Dr. Megan Pronovost - Facilitator
  • Dr. Marvita Gowdy - Facilitator
  • Dr. Amanda McKeith
  • Dr. Dermot Donnelly-Hermosillo
  • Clare Frederick-Anzoleaga, M.A.
  • Dr. Laura Huisinga
  • Dr. Shahab Tayeb
  • Dr. Matin Pirouz
  • Justine McAlpine, M.A.

Equity-Minded Pedagogy

  • Dr. Ramar Henderson
  • Dr. Ulrike Muller
  • Dr. Varaxy Yi
  • Dr. Matthew Jendian (CSU cohort)

Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT)

  • Edward Boyle, MPH
  • Dr. Annabella Espana-Najera


  • Dr. Joseph Ross

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

  • Dr. Jenny Krichevsky

Zero-Cost Course Materials (ZCCM)

  • Dr. Dermot Donnelly-Hermosillo, Faculty Lead
  • Dr. Selena Van Horn
  • Jes Therkelsen, MFA
  • Dr. Jennifer Miele
  • Dr. Mario Banuelos
  • Dr. Tanisha Garcia
  • Dr. Shahab Tayeb
  • Dr. Ranjit Riar
  • Dr. Maria-Aparecida Lopes

Faculty Development Data

308 total faculty participants

56 departments with at least 1 participant

497 total program participants

All 8 colleges represented

Faculty development participation by rank - data in table below

Faculty development participation by college - full data in table below


Rank Percentage of Participation
Lecturer 35%
Assistant Professor 31%
Associate Professor 20%
Full Professor 14%
College Percentage of Participation
College of Arts and Humanities 19%
College of Science and Mathematics 19%
College of Social Sciences 16%
College of Health & Human Services 14%
Craig School of Business 10%
Kremen School of Education and Human Development 9%
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology 7%
Lyles College of Engineering 5%

Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship (DH/DS)

DH/DS faculty learning community meeting with 20 faculty members in attendance listening to a session led by Dr. Ashley Foster

The Office of IDEAS, in collaboration with the Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship (DH/DS) Ad-Hoc Committee, was pleased to offer a faculty certificate program led by Dr. J. Ashley Foster this academic year with nearly 60 participating faculty.

DH/DS is a diverse and interdisciplinary framework, bringing together the arts, humanities, and sciences within the scope of utilizing and developing digital tools to support the scholarly and teaching process. This workshop series, conducted over the course of a full semester, offered faculty an introduction to the practices, methodologies, techniques, and software of DH/DS such as digital mapping, data visualization, digital collections and galleries, XR/VR, and media content creation.

“Ultimately, what I appreciated the most about the workshop series was that it was an opportunity to learn and experiment with guidance and support...I appreciate having a space for trial-and-error alongside others similarly thinking through all the new principles and tools...Thank you to Dr. Foster and all the organizers for creating this opportunity!”

Affordable Learning Solutions

$6.3 Million Total Affordable Learning Solutions cost savings in 22-23
$18+ million Total Affordable Learning Solutions cost savings since 2020
$85,000 Total Affordable Learning Solutions cost savings from 2022-23 ZCCM cohort

Student Perspectives

During Open Education Week in March, students shared their experiences about the effects of high course material costs.

Students walk down a busy walkway on campus

"I work part-time at the moment but will probably have to get a second job to keep up as I am paying for college myself."

"I have a car in the shop right now that I could be paying for."

“I dropped a class because the book was $300.”

Academic Technology Support

200,000,000 page views in Canvas by 25,000+ users
20,000 total support interactions by IDEAS units
5,000,000 minutes of video viewed on Panopto


The DISCOVERe Hub provides device check-outs and hardware and software support, primarily for students, but also for faculty and any library patron.

pie chart of data on ATRC support - reference table below

Category % of support interactions
Device Appointments 32%
Printing Support 25%

Wifi Support


General Questions


Software Help



Academic Technology Resource Center

The ATRC supports faculty and students with all things academic technology and accessibility, by Zoom, phone, email, request forms, and walk-ins.

ATRC data pie chart - table below

Category % of Support Interactions
Canvas 69%
Zoom 10%
Quiz Creation 9%
Panopto 7%
Google & Office 365 3%
DVD Conversions 1%


Hardware support


Accessibility & Universal Design for Learning

In an effort to expand capacity for support and advocacy, the Office of IDEAS added a full-time Universal Design for Learning Accessibility Specialist, Ashley Abrahamson, to the team this year.

Instruction in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Accessibility was provided to faculty throughout the year in a wide array of programming, and outreach visits were made to 6 colleges and 3 individual academic departments to promote document accessibility awareness and IDEAS resources available to support accessibility and UDL.

In collaboration with the Services for Students with Disabilities Office, over 2,700 documents and images in nearly 100 high-need courses were remediated to have improved accessibility for students.

Alternative Formats

7836 unique users downloaded 36,000+ alternate format files

Quality alternatives to accessing course materials allow students to engage in course materials that meet their learning needs and preferences. Canvas provides the ability for students to download files uploaded by faculty into different formats, such as audio versions of PDFs and more mobile-friendly versions of Powerpoint or Word documents.

Learn more about alternative format files


President Jimenez-Sandoval handing out a DISCOVERe iPad to a student at the DISCOVERe Hub

DISCOVERe continues to be a key program toward digital equity efforts on campus. The DISCOVERe device team was tasked to manage the arrival, inventory, and distribution of over 4000 iPads and hotspots this year.

“The devices were key in my classes that require digital interactivity. My students who did not have their own were able to borrow from the University.“

This year saw a pilot project of providing Apple Pencils to students in select classes in Chemistry, to aid in the drawing of chemical structures, and Graphic Design, to refine technique with digital hand-lettering with iPad apps and Adobe Creative Cloud.

“I benefitted greatly with the tablet and pencil. I was able to keep my vast notebook of science notes in one place, import images directly from the internet onto my handwritten notes, and practice drawing relevant chemistry diagrams.”

4,000+ devices checked-out to students (iPads and hotspots)
55 faculty participants in DISCOVERe-related programs
100+ students engaged in DISCOVERe High School Outreach

DISCOVERe High School Outreach

Staff Engagement

In addition to programming for faculty, the Office of IDEAS offered several workshops in the area of technology skill development for staff in Spring 2023.

Workshops included:

  • Google Workspace Basics: Gmail, Calendar & Drive
  • Find What You Need: Best Practices for Effective Google Searches
  • SLIDE into Accessible Document Creation
  • Gaining Confidence in Learning New Technology
  • ProductivityTools

Book Circle

A dozen faculty and staff around a table reading together

53 faculty and staff participated in 4 book circles this academic year, with circles led by IDEAS team members William Hardaway and Jason McGensy, as well as Dr. Travis Cronin, Associate Professor of Social Work and Georgianna Negron-Long, Health Educator in the Student Health and Counseling Center.

Book Circle Readings

  • Design for Belonging by Susie Wise
  • The Power of Moments by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown
  • Crying in H-Mart by Michelle Zauner

design for belonging

the power of moments

atlas of the heart

crying in hmart

Media Production

Eric West seated surrounded by video production equipment in the Save Mart Center at graduation

The Office of IDEAS Academic Media team provided professional production support to a wide-range of university events throughout the year, such as:

Telling Faculty Stories

App Is In Session

A concerted effort has been made to capture academic classroom footage in diverse subject areas and develop partnerships with faculty. Watch the first episode in this series of narrative stories, "App Is In Session".

Dr. Caio Sarmento was faced with a unique challenge during last year’s COVID-19 interruption: how do you teach a hands-on physical therapy course while being hands-off? He found greater student success with a hybrid solution that he still uses today.


The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve interview series provides a space for faculty to share their insights, reflections, and plans for implementation based on their participation in faculty development programming from the Office of IDEAS with their peers and colleagues.

View the full episode archive



University Service

Fresno State logo

  • Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee leadership
  • University Strategic Planning subcommittees
  • National Coalition-Building Institute (NCBI) Leadership
  • Cabinet-level search committees

Cal State logo

  • Presentation on Leveraging AI in Higher Education for Instructional Design Common Interest Group
  • Cross-Campus Collaboration on Productivity Tools with 95 participants across 18 campuses
  • Equity-Minded Pedagogy Faculty Program for 115 participants across 6 campuses

Conference Presentations

Several members of the IDEAS team, in collaboration with faculty and staff colleagues, delivered presentations about our programming and processes as models and exemplars.

  • Sanchez, R. J & Berrett, B. (2022, December). Making Pandemic “Silver Linings” Stick. Directors of Educational Technology in California Higher Education Conference

  • Berrett, B. & Munoz, N. (2023, February). Scaling Affordable Learning Solutions and Open Educational Resources. California State University Affordable Learning Solutions conferences

  • Abrahamson, A., Makkaway, A., Berrett, B. (2023, March). Leveraging Technology and Universal Design for Learning. CSU Northridge Accessibility Conference

  • Hardaway, W., Cowan, C., Brady, M., Berrett, B. (2023, April). An Equitable and Inclusive Approach to Course Design. WSCUC Accreditation Resource Conference 2023.

  • Hardaway, W., Hardy, A. (2023, June) Exploring Data, Making Meaning of It, and Changing Practice. CSU Chancellor’s Office Transforming a Culture of Evidence Convening.

  • Hardaway, W., Fu, X., Berrett, B., Woods, C. (2023, July). Equity-Centered Teaching and Learning. American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Academic Affairs Summer Meeting.

William Hardaway at a podium giving a presentation at a conference

American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Academic Affairs Summer Meeting.

Greeting the new CSU Chancellor

Dr. Xuanning Fu, Dr. Bryan Berrett, and William Hardaway had an opportunity to greet the incoming CSU Chancellor Dr. Mildred García at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Academic Affairs Summer Meeting.

Learn more about Chancellor Mildred García


Professional Learning

In an ongoing effort to keep up with the latest in innovative, inclusive, effective teaching strategies and technology, various members of our team completed the following professional learning experiences in the past academic year:

  • Humanizing Online STEM Academy
  • UDL Training by CAST
  • InstructureCon
  • IDEO U: Human-Centered Systems Thinking
  • Cal State Tech Conference
  • Reviewing Courses Using the QLT Rubric
  • SJSU Adobe Digital Literacy Day
  • Adobe Creative Campus Conference
  • ACUE Fostering a Culture of Belonging
  • CSU Data Analytics Program

Our student assistants also participated in the following learning experiences:

  • Linkedin Learning Accessibility Training
  • Apple eBook Development Training

A group of 10 or so faculty working on iPads in a large meeting room as a presenter Laura Good offers instruction



The Office of IDEAS collaborated on a number of events through the year, including:

  • Provost Office Hours for Faculty
  • Open Forums for search committees
  • Top Dog Honoree Luncheon
  • Open Ed Week ASC Breakfast
  • Technology Services Tabletop Exercises
  • MCLL Teachers’ Academy
  • Budget Office & Financial Aid Workshops
  • Richter Center Ambassador Training



The Celebration of IDEAS

The Celebration of IDEAS is an end-of-semester event to build community while highlighting and celebrating faculty accomplishments throughout the academic year.