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Office of IDEAS

Open Education Week at Fresno State (March 6th - 10th)

Open Education week seeks to inform faculty about reducing barriers and increasing access to text materials and promoting innovation through Open Education Support. Be a driver of student success and apply to be a ZCCM faculty partner. Learn more about ZCCM and how you can be a driver of student success as a ZCCM faculty partner and apply for the summer cohort (due March 10).The Office of IDEAS is hosting events that will provide context for interested faculty. Prizes and giveaways will be available daily! For more information:


Open Education Week Sessions

What is Open Education Week? with David Drexler and Natalie Muñoz

Monday, March 6th-12:00-1:00 in UL 2134

Join David Drexler who will give a brief overview of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open licenses. Then, Natalie will explain why it is so important to students for faculty to leverage open educational resources. How does Universal Design for Learning contribute to the success of our students? How can we create a GE pathway that is zero cost and where are the current opportunities? What support is available for Universal Design and zero student cost projects? These will be the main conversation points for our shared discussion and resources will be provided.

Meet your Subject Librarians

Tuesday, March 7th - 12:00-1:00 in UL 2134

Join Fresno State Subject Librarians to find OER and no-cost library resources that could meet your student learning outcomes. Work with them to consider how best to leverage eReserves and other and other Open Access publications and Open Educational Resources. Bring a laptop or e-device to explore in real time.

Exploring Faculty-generated OER with Dermot Donnelly-Hermosillo

Wednesday, March 8th – 1:00-1:50 in UL 2134

In this hour, we will begin with a quick survey of what OER comprises and why to use it. From there, I will share a few examples, with assessment data, of how faculty-generated digital OER (e.g. videos, course manuals, exercises) can facilitate learning outcomes. Much of the hour will be reserved for hands-on work and discussion. We will conclude by summarizing best practices, considerations, and pros and cons for faculty considering authoring OER.

Celebrating Faculty-generated OER with ZCCM Champions and Fellows

Thursday, March 9th; 11:00-1:00 in UL 2134

Let's celebrate the Faculty who completed the program in Fall. They will share their courses or materials and how they lowered cost and improved access with OER materials. Find inspiration and discuss content and student learning outcomes with colleagues. Learn more about ZCCM and apply for the summer cohort.

UDL and Accessibility of OER with Ashley Abrahamson

Friday, March 10th-12:00-12:50 in UL 2127 and on Zoom

This presentation explores how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles can be used to support the creation of accessible Open Educational Resources (OER) that meet the needs of diverse learners. We will cover the principles of UDL and accessibility in education, discuss the benefits of using UDL to create accessible OER, introduce principles for accessible content creation, and offer strategies for reviewing and testing the accessibility of OER.

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