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Office of IDEAS

Securely Sharing Zoom Recordings to Canvas Using Panopto

If you are teaching synchronously using Zoom, you must take several steps to ensure student privacy.  Faculty often record their Zoom sessions to share with students who are not able to attend.   If the recording includes the names or identifiable audio, communications, or images of students asking questions, making presentations, engaging in discussion, or leading a class (other than TAs), then the portions containing that information are personally identifiable information (PII) and do constitute student education records. Synchronous Zoom lectures may fall under this category.

If you are recording class sessions with student activities, you need to follow the guidelines based on the California Virtual Learning Student Privacy Rights from the California State University Office of the Chancellor, dated April 9, 2020. For additional information, refer to email (All Faculty: Important Notice For Instructors Using Zoom) from Jim Schmidtke on August 26, 2022. 

Zoom lectures recorded to the cloud are automatically uploaded to Panopto into your folder My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder. All Zoom Recordings pertaining to courses should ONLY be shared in Canvas using the Panopto Embed Tool. 

To securely share your Zoom Recordings with your class, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1. To verify you have a Panopto account, click on ‘Panopto Video’ in any Canvas course Navigation. You will need a Panopto account in order for your Zoom Meeting Recordings to be automatically copied from Zoom. 

Step 2. Login to Canvas and go to your course. You can embed a Panopto Zoom Recording anywhere in the course where you have access to the Rich Content Editor (RCE) such as Pages, Announcements, or Discussions.  Navigate to the area where you would like to embed a video and choose to add a new item or add to an existing Page. 

Step 3. Using the Rich Content Editor, click on the panopto iconPanopto icon. Your Panopto account will appear. Choose your existing recording or browse to search through your available folders. Select the video to embed. You can embed a video from any of your Panopto folders but if it’s a Zoom Recording you will find it in My Folder > Meeting Recordings. Students enrolled in the Canvas course where the video is embedded will now be able to view the video when logged into Canvas. 

^ the video above has no audio

If you need additional support with securely sharing your Zoom Meeting Records with your class, please reach out to the Office of IDEAS.