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Jan and Bud Richter Center

Awards & Recognition

The Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning annually recognizes and awards the significant commitments made by students, faculty, staff, and community partners involved in Fresno State’s community engagement and service-learning efforts. Each year, the President of California State University, Fresno, hosts the Spirit of Service Awards Reception to thank and honor the thousands of students, faculty, staff and community partners who contribute to the university's diverse and robust service efforts. Combined, these efforts provide over 1 million hours of service to the community each year. 

Each of the following honorees embody the spirit of service that permeates Fresno State. These awards are intended to honor not only the individuals recognized, but to also acknowledge the tremendous commitment many of their peers make to serving our community. 

Award classifications and awardees include, but are not limited to:

 Each year, the John D. Welty Award for Excellence in Community Service is given to a student who exemplifies the commitment to service that John Welty championed during his 22 years as President of California State University, Fresno. If eligible, based on financial need, the award will provide a single $2,500 scholarship to the winning student. This award is sponsored by the Community Service Scholarship Program in memory of Marc and Marjorie Radin who shared Dr. Welty’s dedication for engaging students in service and making our region a better place to live.  Nominations are typically accepted for this award in October/November of each year.

2020 - Inez Hill

2019 – Alexis Fiorentino

2018 – Evelyn Gonzalez

2017 – Navmit Dhesi

2016 – Whitney Ferdinandsen

2015 – Elizabeth Olenchalk

2014 – Daniel Ward

Each year, the Paul DeRuosi Memorial Community Service Scholarship provides a $1,000 scholarship to an eligible student, based on their financial need, who exemplifies the commitment to service that Paul championed during his distinguished 31-year career at California State University, Fresno. In order to be considered, applicants must be a freshman or sophomore, currently enrolled and in good academic standing with the university and must be able to demonstrate a regular commitment to service over the last two or more years. Nominations are typically accepted in January of each year.

2021 - Ali Fakhrudin Dadawalla

2020 - Tanzila Alan

2019 – Briana Pelayo-Figueroa

Fresno State’s University Volunteer of the Year Award is administered by the Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning. The annual University Volunteer of the Year Award honors Fresno State students who have made a difference in our community through exceptional gifts of their time and talent.  Nominations are typically accepted during the early part of the spring semester.

2021 - Karlie Bradbery

2020 - Evely Gomez-Jarquin

2019 – Maria Zamora

2018 – Daniel Apuan

2017 – Keandra Bryson

2016 – Lilliana Toste

2015 – Amanda de Lima

2014 – Sandra Ann Martinez

2013 – Richard Lazaro-Alonso

2012 - Richard Lazaro-Alonso

2011 – Cassidy Smith

2010 – Celeste Pilegard

2009 – Jocelyn Goldring

2008 – Susan Vang

2007 – Rebecca Asami

2006 – Patrick Cary

2005 – Patrick Cary

2004 – Morghan Young

2003 – Amanda Whitten

2002 – Ashley Howard

2001 – David Aston

2000 – Tamara Call

1999 – Nathan Moore

1998 – Tambra Bane

1997 – Robyn Williams

1996 – Brandon Bakke

The Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award, recognizes a Fresno State faculty or staff member who has excelled in service to the community outside of their normal job duties. Nominations are typically accepted in February of each year.  

2021 - Calliope Correia

2019 – Dr. Peggy Trueblood

2018 – Jessica Hannigan

2017 – Tara Powers-Mead

2015 – Tosha Giuffrida and Renee Delport

2013 – Peggie Morgan

2012 – Peter Robertson

2010 – Lanny Larson

2009 – Terea Ramos

2008 – Steve Martinez and Ron Harris

2007 – Dan Griffin

The Don Romsa Community Partner Award recognizes a local community benefit organization who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to partnering with Fresno State faculty, students and staff and has had a positive, lasting impact on the communities they serve.  

2021 - Every Neighborhood Partnership

2020 - Art of Life Cancer Foundation

2019 – Habitat for Humanity

2018 – West Fresno Family Resource Center (WFFRC)

2017 – Sierra Foothill Conservancy (SFC)

2016 – Community Food Bank

2015 – Wesley United Methodist Church

2014 – Ronald McDonald House Charities Central Valley

2013 – Boys and Girls Clubs of Fresno County

2012 – Every Neighborhood Partnership

2010 – Children’s Hospital Central California Foundation

2009 – Central California Blood Center

2008 – EOC Sanctuary

2007 – Fresno Covenant Foundation

The Newman Civic Fellow Award, established by Campus Compact, honors inspiring college student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities across the country.  

2020 - Maria Molina

2019 – Inez Hill

2018 – Jessica Alejandre

2017 – Ramiro Merino Diaz

2016 – Navmit Dhesi

2015 – Evelyn Gonzalez

 The Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award honors a Fresno State educator who has made an exceptional commitment to applying high quality service-learning as a tool to provide students a more meaningful learning experience.  

2021 - Lisa Herzig

2020 - Don Williams

2019 – Pei Xu and Annete Levi

2018 – Steven Hart

2017 – Candace Egan and Jes Therkelsen

2016 – Dr. Bryan Berrett

2015 – Dr. Sarah Whitley and Dr. Janine Nkosi

2014 – Dr. Don Simmons

2013 – Dr. Bill Dailey

2012 – Kim Morin

2010 – Betsy Hays

2009 – Dr. Benjamin Boone

2008 – Marketing Department

2007 – Wade Gilbert

The Special Recognition Spirit of Service Award recognizes an individual or group who had made a special commitment to promoting and engaging, students and others in meaningful service to the community. 

2021 - Wayfinders

2020 - Fresno State Police Department

2019 – Community Mobile Health Unit

2018 – Richter Center Student Leadership Program

2017 – Camp Kesem

2016 – Administrative Services

2015 – Fresno State Food Recovery Network

2014 – Emily Hentschke and Alyssa Gutnik

2013 – Rosie Tapia

2012 – Revitalize the Fresno State Community Project

2010 – Smittcamp Family Honors College

2009 – The University Courtyard Staff

2008 – Kennel Bookstore