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Jan and Bud Richter Center

Community Service Courses

Community Service 1 and 101

Fresno State students can enroll in two different courses that provide them with an in-depth community service-learning experience and provide academic credit in exchange for volunteer service.  Students enrolled in theses courses can select where they wish to complete their service from hundreds of community based organizations and can tailor the experience to fit their schedule and interests.  The two courses available to students are Community Service 1: Community Service-Learning and Community Service 101: Community Service Internships.  These courses are open to all students regardless of major or year in school.

Which Course is Right for You?

To help you decide which class is right for you, review the side-by-side course comparison below.  Note that it does not matter which course you take first; choose the course that best fits your needs. 

Course Comparison Table
Course Sections Community Service 1 Community Service 101
Class Meetings:

One class meeting (75 minutes) per week.

Attend a registration/orientation workshop during the first two weeks of the semester.

Required Service Hours:

All students are required to attend weekly class in addition to completing service hours

15 service hours = 1 unit 30 service hours = 2 units 60 service hours = 3 units

45 service hours = 1 unit

90 service hours = 2 units

135 service hours = 3 units

Course Assignments:

In-class participation, various written assignments, group projects, and presentations.

Several short, online assignments and an end of the semster final reflection paper


Credit/Non Credit only.

Credit/Non Credit only.

Ability to re-enroll/repeat the course:


Can earn up to 6 units that will apply towards graduation requirements, but an unlimited number of Com S 101 units can appear on your transcripts.

Course Registration Information

Contact the Richter Center at 559.278.7079 or search the Course Schedule using "COMS" for the course subject. 

Attention COMS 101 Students

Please be sure to download the Spring 2022 Course Registration and Flyer and attend a mandatory registration workshop.