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Jan and Bud Richter Center

Impact and Testimonials

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The national and local research is very clear that students gain substantial benefits when they are involved in service, as compared to their non-service-learning peers. For example, in a study conducted by Fresno State, students who take a service-learning class are less likely to drop out of school and more likely to graduate in a timely fashion as compared to students who never take a service-learning class. Other research shows that students involved in service-learning improve many skills, such as their ability to communicate, lead others, overcome challenges and work with people of differing backgrounds. Furthermore, students who are involved in service efforts are more likely to get a job in their chosen career field and report being happier in those jobs when compared to their non-serving peers. These are exceptional benefits that are probably attractive to every college student!

Below are just a few quotes from Fresno State students who have been involved in various community service and service-learning projects. To read other student and agency quotes, please visit the Friends for Civic Engagement testimonials page.

 “I believe that putting the Service-Learning component with the course curriculum allowed students (myself included) to apply classroom practice in a real-world setting.”

“The greatest part of the Service-Learning component, for me, was seeing my work put to action.  I’m more motivated to complete something when I know that my work is going to actually be used.”

“I think this course is a great experience for a student about to enter their career.  I have a portfolio filled with a majority of Service-Learning work that I am proud of and can use in my professional career.”

“The hands-on aspect of this course and the Service -Learning project were both very progressive and effective teaching tools, as compared to the traditional learning environment…This course and the service project are both strong assets to California State University Fresno, and the Craig School of Business.”

"For a long time I have believed that the perfect college experience is one where you just finish and get your diploma. After this service-learning experience, I believe that there are some things every student should do before graduating. One of the most important would be to get involved in the community. It really opens your mind to new things, different people and places, and it teaches you to manage your time. My service was only thirty hours, but in that short time I learned more about children than I would have in any traditional class. I have been so caught up in the adult world for so long, I had forgotten what beauty there is in children and what a joy it is to interact with them."

We believe very strongly that you, too, will benefit from your service-learning experience. Perhaps one day soon, we can include a quote from you about your service-learning experience on this website! Right now, it is simply up to you to go out with a positive attitude and do the best service you can as part of this class. Have fun, and enjoy this opportunity to put your classroom learning into action through service to others!