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Jan and Bud Richter Center

About Us

Alternative Spring Break

Fresno State Students take part in service during Alternative Spring Break, supported by Friends for Civic Engagement

A college education should do more than prepare a person to excel in their chosen profession. College should also provide opportunities for students to grow as contributing members of a community. Universities and communities are ideal partners to enhance both our students’ education and the quality of life for all.  This is why Fresno State Professor Rich Berrett and his wife Dwayne decided to establish Friends for Civic Engagement.

Our organization is formed on the heartfelt belief that the best way to address our society's problems is by engaging citizens in service, and by the realization that higher education is a key resource for instilling a "culture of service" in college students.  Our organization builds on the exceptional commitment to community/civic engagement and service at California State University, Fresno and helps instill in students a lifelong "civic ethic" that will transform communities.

Friends for Civic Engagement funds are used for:

  • Supporting student engagement domestically, especially in our local community through scholarships and mini-grants.
  • Supporting student engagement in international service-learning experiences
  • Direct support for our nonprofit partners

Rich & Dwayne Berrett

Founders of Friends for Civic Engagement, Rich and Dwayne BerrettReading volunteer