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Jan and Bud Richter Center

Apply for Funding

Fresno State faculty, staff and currently enrolled students can apply for funding to support their civic engagement and service-learning efforts. Applications should be brief (maximum of three pages, 12 point font) and should contain the following:

  1. Name of applicant and all relevant contact information.
  2. Information on the program/project for which you are requesting funding.
  3. Include details regarding:
    • what service the students will perform;
    • the learning outcomes you expect to gain through this experience (please relate anticipated learning outcomes to your major or specific courses you have or will take during college);
    • personal and/or career development outcomes you expect to gain through this experience;
    • how the service will meet community need.
  4. Total amount of funds being requested and how they will be used. (Please note that funding levels typically run between $100 and $2,000. It is extremely rare that an applicant will be awarded more than $2,000.)
  5. Any other information that you believe is relevant to this request.

Bulldog PantryApplications are accepted on an ongoing basis. It is recommended that requests be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to when the funds are needed. If there are significant reasons why a proposal can not be submitted with a minimum 30 day lead time, please contact Chris Fiorentino to provide information as to why your application for funding should still be considered.

Priority will be given to new projects not previously funded by Friends for Civic Engagement.  Funding amount may be reduced for repeat projects or expenses previously funded by Friends for Civic Engagement.  Use of funds must align with the overall intent of Friends for Civic Engagement; to provide students unique opportunities to serve the community in ways that benefit them academically, personally and professionally, while also helping to meet an important need in the community.

In cases where more than one student is requesting funds for the same project (ie. travel for the same international service trip) a single application should be submitted for the entire group.

Those awarded Friends for Civic Engagement funds are expected to:

  1. Acknowledge Friends for Civic Engagement in all press releases, interviews and ancillary materials produced about the funded project;
  2. Submit a report at the conclusion of the service experience/event.  The report must include specific academic learning and personal/professional outcomes that resulted from the experience, as well as benefits realized by those served.  Details on report requirements will be communicated upon notification of funding.

Submit applications electronically as a Microsoft Word document or PDF to:

Chris Fiorentino, Director
Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning

Dan Griffin City of Hope