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Jan and Bud Richter Center


Service-learning faculty need to be familiar with the first two forms as part of teaching a service-learning course.

The Learning Plan

The Learning Plan is the official document that specifies the student’s responsibilities at their service-learning site. Each student in the class must complete one of these forms.  Signed by the student, the community partner representative, and the faculty.  Form must be kept for 3 years.

Learning Plan (pdf)

Student Tracking Sheet

The student tracking sheet is an optional tool for students to use to help keep track of their individual service hours.  When students go to the community based organization site, they can fill out the log. This tracking sheet can be used by faculty to double check a students hours and by students to serve as proof of the hours they served at the community based organization.

Student Tracking Sheet - (pdf)

Student Safety Guidelines

The Richter Center, in conjunction with the Fresno State Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability, is happy to provide you with the attached safety tips sheet.  Please share this with all students in your service-learning classes.

Student Safety Guidelines - (pdf)

What coverage is provided for students in service-learning courses?

The University does provide professional and general liability insurance for students enrolled in service-learning courses (SAFECLIP1) .   Student MUST sign in at CBO each time they provide service and choose to perform their service at an approved service-learning site where an agreement has been negotiated with the university in order for the coverage to be valid.  Student is not permitted to drive a vehicle to perform duties for the CBO without written authorization from the university risk manager Please note: the university does not provide auto liability coverage for students and students are not covered while driving to or from their chosen site.

Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP)

SAFECLIP provides coverage limits for up to $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million annual aggregate.  This coverage applies for all students enrolled in a service-learning course.