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Jan and Bud Richter Center

Student Showcase

Each year, the Richter Center Student Leaders host the Service-Learning Showcase (fall and spring semesters) and the Community Service Showcase (spring semester). The two showcases celebrate Fresno State students and their commitment to service. 

The Fall 2022 Service-Learning Showcase will take place virtually the week of December 5, 2022.  Student submissions to present will be accepted October 10 - November 20, 2022 at   Service-Learning Showcase 2022.

New this year!

We've prepared three poster templates that you can download and customize with your own content. Utilizing a template is optional and not required. All templates are PowerPoint files.

Fall 2021 Service-Learning Showcase Special Recognition

Best Reflection Award

  • USDA-Agricultural Research Services (ARS) presented by Gonzone Vang
  • Weights for Wayfinders presented by Jonah Allen, Sereno Esponilla, Adam Jensen, and Ryan Martinez

People's Choice Award

  • Improving General Mobility and Low Back Pain in Amateur Golfers presented by Taylor Vaughn, Hannah Lee, and Spencer Sawyer

The Fall 2021 Service-Learning Showcase

The Fall 2021 Service-Learning Showcase
Presentation Title and Abstract Presenter(s)

Amputee Wellness Clinic

Our group worked with Central California Amputee Support Group leader, Liz Zemke, in PHTH565S Community Outreach and Wellness to put on a health and wellness clinic focusing on the unique needs of people with limb loss. Activities included checking vitals, balance testing, gait assessments, and an adaptive golf station. Educational materials on healthy eating, managing diabetes, and many other topics were handed out at the end to all participants.

Jessica Alvarado, Melody Mo, Noman Naqvi, Raul Ochoa, and Hailey Stinecipher

Brothers at Heart

For my Leadership in Recreation class, I chose The Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization to complete my service-learning hours. As a big brother, I provide social enrichment for my “little” in order to help him reach his full potential. I meet with him when we can, and plan activities for us to do together. Mostly, my little likes to play my old PS2 games with me. I use the facilitation skills learned in RA 73S to keep him happy, engaged, and to be prepared if the plan needs to be changed.

Christopher Nemecek

CCASC Shaver Lake 

CCASC serves disabled individuals with the goal of making outdoors adventures accessible for those with disabilities. I was able to take part in adventure summer program for a camping weekend where I helped participants rock climb, kayak, paddle board, and do yoga with modified technology.

Kyra Gonzalez

Central California Food Bank - Volunteer Programs Intern

My name is Daniel Rodriguez, and majoring in food and nutritional sciences. For my service-learning, I interned at the Central California Food Bank (CCFB), located in Fresno, and attended the COMS 101 course. For my service project, I was allowed to work with the special programs coordinator at the CCFB. I was given the option to work with various programs that are at the CCFB, such as Groceries to Go.

Daniel Rodriguez

Cruising to Healthy Living

This semester I had the privilege of working with Off the Front, a community based organization that works with schools to teach students about health and nutrition. Volunteers go into classes and teach different sessions on nutrition, and then students take quizzes to demonstrate their learning. Students who complete these are awarded bikes. The program’s overall goal is to provide kids with the knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle and provide them with a bike to start implementing it.

Jenna Perez

Developing Youth Literacy Through Journalism with The kNOw Fresno

The kNOw Youth Media is an organization created in partnership with California's Youth Leadership Institute. Created in 2006, this group carries the knowledge of the importance of youth advocacy and provides teens and young adults to explore their community's health through journalism and other performance media. I was able to participate in weekly meetings brainstorming topics or themes, assist cohorts with brainstorming and editing processes, and attend informational seminars/webinars.

Shay Johnson

DMV Written Test Community Tutoring

I worked with the Fresno County Public Library on behalf of my English 132s class. With this organization, I participated in their DMV category where I tutored/aided community members in preparation for their goals to pass the DMV written test. This was done through various zoom gatherings and PowerPoint presentations that covered the criteria within the DMV handbook.

Olivier Sanchez

Dynamic Warm-Up for Rock Climbers

MetalMark Climbing and Fitness is a local gym that features 48 ft high rock walls, as well as fitness equipment, workout classes. Rebecca and Krista completed the requirements for Physical Therapy course 565S Community Outreach and Wellness by tabling 2 weeknights at the climbing gym to distribute brochures. The focus of the project was on equipping climbers to prevent injuries before they happened. The research says the best way to do this is with a dynamic warm-up before rock climbing.

Rebecca Mann and Krista Kleinhammer

Encouraging Youth Community Contributions, The kNOw

In the English 132S course, I volunteered with an organization called the kNow, a youth-run media, that actively publishes art, journals, and reports on issues relevant and monumental to the community of Fresno, generating a space for young voices to contribute, be heard and build community. Alongside the organization and its facilitators, I was able to assist and observe the program coordinators in their work to build a community space where youths feel their work is valued and respected.

Julia Bacus

Engaging and Supporting Youth with the kNOw

The Know is a youth focused organization that helps and supports youth and young adult voices be heard through written and multi media platforms. From written articles, videos to podcasts, they are engaging and starting conversations about issues in their communities they find important. The Know gives them the skills and tools to do just those things. My part within the organization was to support and help these voices with article editing and brainstorming ideas to name a few.

Hunter Tunac

Fighting Food Insecurity Alongside Volunteers at Central California Food Bank

Central California Food Bank works to fight food insecurity and hunger within the Central Valley. I worked with the volunteer manager, Jobelle Nuñez, to further develop social media and online newsletter techniques to increase volunteer retention and recruitment in order to aid the organization’s mission. During my time with CCFB I developed quarterly newsletter templates to update volunteers, as well as social media posts throughout the semester to aid in developing rapport with volunteers.

Ashley Flowers

Forest Service Internship

This summer I was given the opportunity to work in the US Forest Service as a Rangeland Management Intern as well as enrolling in COMS 101. During this I was able to serve my community and gain new knowledge and experience that I can take into my future career. My service took place across the Sierra National Forest, just south of Yosemite. I was stationed at the Bass Lake Ranger District located In North Fork, CA. I worked with a variety of specialists including Rangeland, Botany, and Wildlife.

Samuel Willis

Fresno State’s Physical Therapy Department Shoe Drive and Foot Health Education 

Fresno State Department of Physical Therapy Partnered with the Fresno State Nursing program to provide prevention and wellness services to local community in Firebaugh, California. The department of physical therapy specifically educated on foot health prevention and addressed wellness components as well as donated free gently worn shoes and appropriate fitting to local community members. 


Catherine Obrero

Implementing the FIFA 11+ Warm-up Program in 3 Different Soccer Teams

I was enrolled in PHTH 565S Community Outreach and Wellness. The community organizations I worked with were Clovis Crossfire, Valley United Soccer Club, and Lobos Soccer Club, which were all soccer teams in the community. The purpose of this project was to a) educate these teams about proper warm-up routines for injury prevention, and b) to teach the coaches and players a highly researched, injury-prevention warm-up routine known as the FIFA 11+.

Luis Sedano

Improving General Mobility and Low Back Pain in Amateur Golfers

As DPT students, our mission with this community wellness class was to share our knowledge of impairments/interventions for a specific population and promote fitness and health. Our group chose to work with amateur golfers at Valley Golf Center with a focus on low back pain and general mobility limitations. We spent the day interacting with any who were interested - educating them on the causes of low back pain/limited mobility and providing specific exercises to help improve their condition.

Taylor Vaughn, Hannah Lee, and Spencer Sawyer

Literacy Mentoring with Every Neighborhood Partnership

I completed my service learning hours with Every Neighborhood Partnership at Wawona Middle School as part of the dual-immersion program. I served as a literacy mentor to receive serving learning for my Leadership in Recreation course. My job was to help 1st graders improve their Spanish vocabulary while facilitating games and incorporating new vocabulary words.

Joy Hernandez

Making a Difference

While completing my internship with CVHN for COMS101I my roles were to make sure that the Stanford Youth Diabetes Coaches Program was run properly when it came to zoom meetings with the coach and students, making sure students were up to date with their assignments and any information was brought to CVHN’s attention. I had to also create flyers regarding diabetes in order for them to be posted on social media. Overall, my main role was to make sure that any detail or message from either program. 

Mayra Abarca

Prevention in Shoulder Injuries 

As part of the Fresno State Doctor of Physical Therapy program, we enrolled in a community outreach/wellness course (PhTh 565S). For our service-learning project, we partnered with the Clovis West High School baseball team to discuss prevention of overhead shoulder injuries. We provided the coaching staff and team with flyers that included information on the risk factors and prevalence of shoulder injuries as well as an optional exercise program supported by current literature.


Kristiana Wood, Marisa Burns, Emma Gabriano, and Alexa Gonzalez 

S.A.F.E. Fall Prevention Awareness

In association with S.A.F.E Committee the focus was assist with decreasing fall risk in older adults in the Fresno community, the students mentored 2nd year Fresno State DPT students on conducting a thorough fall screen exam. The students created a video that was disseminated to the public to increase awareness of fall risks in the home. Infographics were also created to be posted to social media in order to educate the public about falls and how to decrease the risk of falling. 


Ashley Tatami, Asia Boatman, Amber Gonzales, Tu Pham, and Heidi Schumann 

Saturday Sports at Kirk Elementary 

The community organization that I served was Every neighborhood partnership. I have served as a mentor at Saturday sports. Each Saturday we have up to 20+ kids out there to have fun. We have many activities for them such as arts and crafts, sports, and provide snacks at the end of the day. I am currently enrolled in RA 73S. It has guided me to become the leader I am today and to approach every student to get to know them and bring them all together to play activities as a team.


Evelyn Ruiz 

Saturday Sports at Yokomi Elementary

As part of my Recreation Leadership class, I worked with Every Neighborhood Partnership during their Saturday Sports at Yokomi Elementary School. I initially translated during sign-ins and had conversations with students as we gave them their choice of recreation in a safe space on Saturday mornings. The program provides a safe place to play and something to eat afterwards.

Vepsy Trejo

Shoulder Prehab and Education for the CrossFit Community

This project was completed to fulfill the requirements of the Fresno State Doctor of Physical Therapy, PHTH 565s: Community Wellness class. This project was designed as a service-learning project to educate athletes in the CrossFit community on shoulder mechanics, injury prevention and provide sport specific prehab exercises for optimal movement. 

Nadia Fahoum, Rachel Christie, Megan Kravec, and Sabrina Pantoja

The Bulldog Pantry

In my RA 73S class, I chose to serve for the Bulldog Pantry organization, and we do many things like provide food to students and families in need, maintain sustainability through donations and community partnerships, and we aspire to help the community one neighbor at a time. For example, one project I did was a food distribution event, in the food distribution event I had to make posters, I had to set up the distribution and provide food for those in need of it, then we had to clean up after. 

Luis Botello 

The Bulldog Pantry

I am enrolled in RA 73s, and I served with the Bulldog Pantry. This organization’s main service is food distributions, but they also participate in holiday events such as the Lutheran Church Trunk or Treat and Toys for Tots. I created flyers for the Trunk or Treat, and I gathered applicants’ information for Toys for Tots. The Bulldog Pantry provides hands-on experience and allows students to get involved with the community.

Alexia Gomez

The Importance of Youth Voice 

The benefit of doing service-learning along with English 132 is we are able to help these youth with their writing process. In English 132s we talked a lot about making the perfect assignment, not being focused on grammar issues but more on the progress which is helpful if you are given the opportunity to help edit someone's paper. I think another benefit comes with being able to see what these youth are passionate in writing about as most of us in this class are future educators. 

Esmeralda Nava

The kNOw and How Social Media Use Affects Literacy Development

The community organization that I served with is the kNow Youth Media Org. and the course I am enrolled in is Engl. 132S. What the service project entailed us volunteers helping toassist the organization with propelling youth voices in regards to digital media being produced by them. What this means is that we helped give ideas to youth in regards to article/opinion pieces, helped youth digest their thoughts, and provided 1st edits to their ideas. 

Alexander Abraham

USDA-Agricultural Research Services (ARS)

USDA-ARS is the United States research service that focuses on obtaining new solutions to arising agricultural problems, so that Americans can maintain nutritious, safe, and high-quality food production. My role as an intern at the USDA-ARS consisted of performing research on fungal pathogens found in plants and comparing it with biological controls. Thus, these useful resources can expand scientific knowledge in preventing the growth of these plant pathogens. 

Gonzone Vang

USDA-ARS Parlier, CA Dried Fruits and Nuts Insect Lab

The community that is being benefited from the work of USDA is growers all around California. They perform experiments to grow crops more efficiently and address problems that occur during different parts of the season. The division I worked under was the lab for insects of dried fruit and nuts. I performed experiments on the dried fruit beetle using several different pesticides and recorded the data for the mortality rate. 

Imaan Gill

Visalia First – Friends of Faith

I chose to serve for the Friends of Faith program at Visalia First. During this service learning we did many activities with the kids such as coloring, dancing, worshiping God, and much more. Each person was assigned to one or more kids. During this time, we would spend time with the kids and get to know them and help them build their communication skills, their confidence etc. Other activities would be learning to build with Legos, arts and crafts, and playing with musical instruments. 

Matthew Tadros

Weights for Wayfinders

Wayfinders is a program on campus that seeks to support students with intellectual and physical disabilities. Through our service-learning class, we sought to provide information on the benefits of health and wellness to students in this program. Additionally, the purpose was to provide hands-on demonstration of exercises to improve technique, encourage confidence in performance of exercise and emphasize the importance of exercise in daily routines.

Jonah Allen, Sereno Esponilla, Adam Jensen, and Ryan Martinez

Yoga and Tai Chi for Cancer

For our PhTh 565S Community Wellness class, our group worked together in collaboration with the Art of Life organization to provide meditation, yoga, and dynamic mobility education to cancer survivors and their support system and reduce feelings of stress as well as promote body and mind wellness over the duration of two different classes.

Stephanie Soleil, Laura Louie, and Ernesto Rivera

Young Men of Character - Newsletters 

Young Men of Character is a group mentoring program that allows fifth and sixth grade students to participate in a weekly group session. Sessions take place at the school site Thursdays during the lunch hour. This program helps improve the skills of the students. Our job is to help promote via newsletters this program to the parents, guardians, students staff, and administrators. 

Juan Herrera and Roberto Garcia

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Submissions open October 10, 2022 and will close on November 20, 2022.