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Office of IDEAS

Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship

What is Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship?

Digital Scholarship is an interdisciplinary framework that focuses on the development, utilization and criticism of digital content and technologies in teaching, research, and scholarship. Digital Humanities applies a humanistic lens to this framework.

DH/DS is an interdisciplinary field that brings together the arts, humanities and sciences within the scope of utilizing and developing digital tools to support the academic and scholarly process, including research and argumentation methodologies.  It offers a framework, not bound to any specific technology, but a set of practices and theories that engage technologies in research and teaching. Here we pull from precedents in the field, which describes DH as “Interdisciplinary humanities research, teaching, learning, and publishing, that can be: presented in digital form(s), enabled by digital methods & tools, about digital technology & culture, creating and experimenting with digital technology, and critical of its own digital-ness” and DS as “discipline-based scholarship produced with digital tools and presented in digital form.” 

Practices Include

  • Critical Digital Pedagogy
  • Digital Mapping
  • Digital Exhibitions
  • AI & Deep Machine Modeling
  • Creation of digital tools for completion of research
  • Topic Modeling/Data Mining
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Extended and Virtual Reality Environments
  • Digital Archival Projects

What It Can Offer

  • Interdisciplinary approaches and critical reflection of technoethics
  • Scholarships on academic topics and questions
  • Field and discourse with a set of journals, conferences, grants, publications, and scholarship history
  • Use of computational method to research, address, and present scholarship on academic topics and questions