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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

APM 125 - Fresno State Department Chair Elections


  • Deans or their designee will solicit Department Chair nominations internally prior to contacting OIE.

  • Deans or their designee will request a Department Chair Election ballot by emailing OIE staff:

  • Requests will need to be submitted at least 2 working days prior to the expected distribution date to allow OIE sufficient processing time.

  • The Dean’s office will provide the names of the nominees and any relevant documents (e.g., personal statement) to be included on the ballot, as well as the expected voting period (usually two weeks).

  • Faculty Affairs will provide OIE with the list of all eligible voting faculty including email addresses and voting weights.

  • In accordance with the sample provided in APM 125, OIE will create a ballot and handle distribution using Qualtrics. This ensures that each voting faculty member receives a unique ballot link that can only be used once.

  • After the ballot closes, OIE will tabulate the results and provide them to the Provost, Dean, and Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs. Results will include the number of total votes, weighted votes, percentage of eligible votes, and total weighted eligible votes.

Note: The Provost and Faculty Affairs would address any other questions or concerns beyond this point.

APM 125