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Office of Institutional Effectiveness


How do I get trained to use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics also offers complimentary web training sessions covering various topics conducted regularly. These training sessions are one hour or less, and cover everything you need to know in order to start building, distributing and analyzing your surveys. To sign up for training, please go to: If you are unable to attend one of these scheduled training sessions, Qualtrics provides many online resources in a variety of formats to assist you.

1) To access the main Qualtrics University page, go to: From the top of the page, click one of the sections (e.g., Basic Building, Advanced Building, Distributing), or click the A-Z link for a list of all training topics available.

2) The site provides a 5-step training video program which can be accessed from the ‘Help & Tutorial’ button or Generally in 3 hours or under it can be completed. The program includes:

  • Basic Training – This 30-minute module provides training on the complete process of preparing and executing an electronic survey.
  • Best Practices – Writing great survey questions
  • Advanced Editing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Distribution

 3) You can also download the Complete Research Suite PDF at:

4) A step-by-step 209-page manual ‘Qualtrics Survey Software: Handbook for Research Professionals’ is available to download along with other e-books at

5)  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

6) Statistical Results video -

OIE and the Center for Faculty Excellence are also available to coordinate customized training sessions to address any unique or specific training needs not covered in the Qualtrics online training. If you would like to discuss the opportunity for customized training or if you have any questions about access to Qualtrics accounts at Fresno State, please feel free to contact OIE at 8-3906 or Center for Faculty Excellence at 8-8788  for more information.