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Office of Institutional Effectiveness


We may be implementing, achieving and improving on many fronts, but without documentation of the evidence, no one will know. Improvement for improvement’s sake, because we want to do the best we can in our work, is, in my opinion, the purpose for assessment and evaluation, but in today's climate, it seems that everyone wants to know whether we are improving. Accreditors, legislators, funders, the news media, they all want to know whether higher education is meeting the public’s needs. They want to see the evidence. This section is intended to document evidence of our University’s effectiveness.

Documenting the use of assessment results doesn’t need to be extensive or laborious. The documents below are good examples of using assessment results for improvement. They’re also wonderful examples of concise, easy-to-read, even interesting evidence.

The Evidence

The University


Programs, Courses, and Initiatives

Campus Portfolio

See the self-study completed for the WASC Review in 2004

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