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Jan and Bud Richter Center

About Us

The Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning is working towards becoming one of the premier community service-learning programs in the nation.

President's Service Award

The Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning operates under the knowledge that students realize unique personal, professional, and academic benefits when involved in service to others.  This knowledge is consistently supported by research on student learning and development.  The Richter Center seeks to expand the culture of service at the university, ensuring that all Fresno State students take advantage of the opportunities afforded them through service. 

It would not be possible to nurture a culture of service without the involvement of faculty and staff members.  Our community partners are also vital.  However, we recognize that students are first and foremost in this endeavor. 

In line with the mission and vision of the California State University System, California State University, Fresno, strives to be an institution fully engaged with our community.  Leading that effort, the Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning works towards becoming one of the premier community service-learning programs in the nation.

The Director of the Richter Center reports directly to the Vice Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  This reporting structure reflects the academic nature of Richter Center programs and the fact that the Center’s programs serve the entire campus.

The Richter Center works closely with other programs and departments at Fresno State that are also involved in community engagement and service efforts. 


Carnegie Foundation Elective Community Engagement Classification

Fresno State has been recognized for exceptional community service programming. In 2007, Fresno State was one of the first 76 colleges and universities to be awarded the Carnegie Foundation’s “Community Engagement” Classification.  This classification was renewed in 2015.  

Carnegie Foundation Logo

The Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning is responsible for coordinating the university’s community engagement and service-learning efforts.  We are dedicated to improving the education and development of our students and helping create a better community through service and learning.

The Richter Center will significantly contribute to a healthier, more vibrant community, state, nation and world by creating and supporting an array of high quality, meaningful service opportunities.  Our university will graduate students who have been and will continue to be engaged in their community.  The Richter Center will help further establish California State University, Fresno as a premiere engaged institution where a culture of service permeates all that we do.

Our Mission and Vision are based on beliefs born out of experience and based on research.  We believe that:

  • As part of a complete educational experience, community service-learning fosters student success, academic, personal and career development, and strengthens a life-long commitment to community involvement. 
  • There are significant needs throughout our region, nation and world that students, faculty and staff members can help address through service.
  • Strong partnerships with community organizations are essential to high-quality community service-learning experiences for students.
  • The University assists community organizations in meeting their program goals and is instrumental in helping them fulfill their missions.
  • Open communication and constant evaluation are critical to strong partnerships and allow all constituents to value the Richter Center as a key resource for enhancing their service to the community. 
  • Students involved in service are most effective when supported by faculty and staff who are educated on the best practices and philosophies of community engagement and service learning.



It's been a historic year!

We are so pleased to report that this past academic year (2022-23),14,234 students, faculty, and staff members provided 1,387,927 hours of service to the community which is equal to an estimated economic value of over $53.1 million. For more information on the incredible service efforts that took place last year, please select the infographic button below.


To learn more about how you can contribute to Fresno State's annual service goal, contact the Richter Center at 559.278.7079.