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Jan and Bud Richter Center

Faculty Service-Learning Resources

Over two decades of research shows that service-learning (SL) is a highly effective approach to teaching and learning, providing numerous benefits to students, instructors, the university, and the community.

Fresno State is committed to making this High Impact Practice a part of the complete educational experience provided by our university.  The university offers an average of 170 service-learning courses each year, which enroll approximately 4,000 students annually.
The Richter Center is dedicated to supporting faculty members and students in all facets of service-learning.  We offer a number of online and in-person training and support, including, but not limited to:

There are two different options for service-learning courses:  

  1. The service-learning (S) designation
  2. The service-learning footnote (Footnote 13).

The following information will help you decide which is the best option for the course you are teaching.  

"S" Course Process and Criteria


The following footnote (13) can be used by any course which meets the indicated criteria.  To utilize this footnote, you must include it with course information when submitting Schedule of Courses copy to the Scheduling Office.  

Footnote 13: "This class meets the minimum university requirements for a service-learning course, which includes: (1) the service-learning component is integral to and supportive of the academic focus of the course; (2) the course has a mechanism to introduce the service ethic; (3) students are required to perform at least 15 hours of academically relevant community service; (4) service-learning accounts for at least 15% of the total course grade; and (5) structured opportunities for critical reflection on the service experience are provided."

Should you have questions on the footnote content, please contact Chris Fiorentino, Director of the Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning at 559.278.7079 or 

Should you have questions on footnote procedures in general, please contact the Scheduling Office at 559.278.2491.

Service-Learning Course Materials

Below are service-learning course materials which may be useful to faculty members. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding any of these materials, please do not hesitate to contact the Richter Center at 559.278.7079.

The Online Faculty Service-Learning Modules provide excellent background, information, and professional development resources for faculty members who wish to learn more about service-learning, including information on developing a new service-learning course or improving an existing course.

Online Faculty Service-Learning Modules

The Richter Center provides a series of online modules designed specifically for students.  Many faculty members use some or all of the Online Service-Learning Student Modules as a way to introduce students to service-learning and inform them about some of the things that they should expect from a service-learning course, and things that will be expected of them.

Online Service-Learning Student Modules