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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

GE ePortfolio Program 

All freshmen and transfer students admitted to Fresno State Fall 2018 and later will be required to submit assignments they complete for specific GE courses and reflections they write outside of class to a digital GE Program Portfolio. 



Fresno State has contracted with Canvas to create a new process for getting assignments into your GE ePortfolio, beginning with the Fall 2023 semester.  When you submit the ePortfolio assignment to your professor, the system will automatically put a copy of your assignment into your GE ePortfolio.  This means that you no longer need to submit the assignment to your ePortfolio yourself.  Furthermore, there will no longer be ePortfolio registration holds.

Your GE ePortfolio will display each semester in your Canvas dashboard, along with your other courses.

Your GE ePortfolio is very important because it is used by the university to assess student learning in GE courses.  In each GE course, your professor will select one ePortfolio assignment when they set up the course in Canvas.  This ensures that the assignment will be submitted to your professor and your ePortfolio simultaneously.  Your professor will assign the grade on the assignment.  The GE Assessment Subcommittee also reviews student work, but they do not assign a grade to you.  They report overall results for Fresno State in each GE Area.

PLEASE DO NOT DELETE YOUR EPORTFOLIO COURSE FROM CANVAS.  The WASC Senior College and University Commission accredits Fresno State.  This accreditation is essential because only accredited universities may offer financial aid and issue valid degrees.  Our GE assessment process must be in good standing to achieve accreditation.  If you delete your ePortfolio course, we will need to work with you to activate it again, and that is a time-consuming process.


Dr. Douglas Fraleigh, University Director of Assessment
Office Phone: 559-278-4292

Ms. JoLynne Blake, Instructional Designer, Center for Faculty Excellence

Students access their ePortfolio through Canvas.  All students admitted to Fresno State in Fall 2018 or later are automatically added to a GE ePortfolio course, which should display in the dashboard with their other courses.  The homepage of the ePortfolio course has information for students about the ePortfolio program and links for submitting assignments.  If a student cannot access their ePortfolio course, please check FAQ #5 and #6 at the link below. 

If you have any questions about your ePortfolio, please see the following: 
ePortfolio FAQ

Comprehensive assessment of the GE Program Portfolio will enable Fresno State to do all of the following:

*further support student learning and student success by studying the results of our evaluation of student learning in GE courses.

*obtain valuable information about student learning from the brief reflections that students write outside of class

*maintain good standing with WSCUC which accredits Fresno State. Only Universities that are accredited can offer financial aid and issue valid degrees.


  • All student learning outcomes for GE Areas B1, B2, and B4 were evaluated during the the 2019-2020 AY. 



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