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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

OIE's Mission

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) serves Fresno State by making its data meaningful with the goals of forming the common understanding of our university population, creating tools to drive student success, and inspiring a campus-wide culture of data-informed decision making and continuous improvement. OIE achieves this through collecting and curating Fresno State’s quantitative and qualitative data, transforming these data into meaningful and actionable information, and supporting institutional research efforts across the campus. Finally, OIE champions data ethics by protecting privacy, holding ourselves accountable for the consequences of our work, and striving for accurate, contextualized, accessible, and transparent data.

To fulfill this purpose we:

Provide Data about the University

Extract and report data for compliance and comparative purposes
to agencies and organizations such as the Department of Education, the CSU Chancellor’s Office, National Science Foundation, Barron’s and U.S. News and World Report.

Respond to data requests from the campus community regarding counts of students, employees, degrees, classes, applicants, retention and graduation and many other characteristics of our University and its environment. Requesters usually need this data for their own reporting, accreditation, program review, grants, enrollment management, budgeting, planning, or policy development or revision.

Conduct Analyses, Research, Assessment and Evaluation

Data becomes more useful when we turn it into information that can be applied to planning and decision-making. Although external reporting and filling internal data requests will always be OIE functions, we have reshaped the office to emphasize analysis, research, assessment, evaluation and planning across the campus. Selected projects will be multi-faceted and in-depth in order to speak to campus issues and goals. We assist faculty conducting program assessments with their data collection and analysis.


We consult with faculty, staff and managers on formulating goals and objectives, data analysis, research and assessment methods, instrument design, planning and process design, and establishing benchmarks, performance indicators, and learning outcomes. We also provide support in the areas of survey design, formatting and administration using both online and paper surveys.

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