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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Advanced Assessment Methods

There are a number of resources available for departments that want to do more in-depth studies of specific outcomes such as writing or critical thinking over multiple semesters. The website links below provide information on larger scale projects implemented by other institutions. Assessment coordinators can contact The Center for Faculty Excellence and work with Instructional Designers to identify and receive training on how to use technology such as Pearson's My Writing Lab, and Qualtrics Surveys to carry out assessment activities. Assessment coordinators can review the proposal requirements for OIE Assessment Grants to determine if their project would qualify for an OIE Grant. Dr. Melissa Jordine is available to discuss possible grant proposals and to work with departments who want to access basic statistics such as graduation rates for their majors using the Tableau Dashboards created by OIE data analysts. Department Chairs and Assessment coordinators can also contact the Vice-President for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Dr. Angel Sanchez to discuss working with OIE to carry out a case study.

AAC&U Resources

Capstones and Signature Work

LEAP Initiative Website and Resources

LEAP Toolkit

The Delphi Project

Value Rubrics and Case Studies

ePortfolio Initiatives

Catalyst for Learning: ePortfolio Resources and Research

ePortfolio Initiatives at Virginia Tech

Georgetown ePortfolio Initiative

Educause Learning Initiative: An Overview of E-Portfolios

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