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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)  and Fresno State Core Competencies

WSCUC has designated five competencies in which all undergraduate students should be proficient when they graduate with a BA or BS degree. These competencies are written communication, critical thinking, oral communication, information literacy and quantitative reasoning. At California State University Fresno, the previous Director of Assessment, Dr. Melissa Jordine, and the newly appointed Director of Assessment, Dr. Douglas Fraleigh, have worked directly with the former Vice-Provost, Dr. Dennis Nef, and current Vice-Provost, Dr. Xuanning Fu, to plan and implement a comprehensive approach to assessing the core competencies.

Undergraduate Core Competencies Assessment Plan: Action Plan




Results and Analysis of Evaluations:


Graduate Core Competencies Assessment

     Beginning in AY 2020-21, Graduate Core Competencies are assessed on a rotating basis:

  • Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge/Skill (2020-21, 2023-24)
  • Research Methodology (2021-22, 2024-25)
  • Written Communication (2022-23, 2025-26)

     Results and Analysis of Evaluations:

  • Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge/Skill was assessed during the 2021-22 academic year

  Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge/Skill Report Summary