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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

2006-2011 Strategic Plan for Excellence III

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Relevant Documents (PDF):
Summary Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Full Version
Strategic Planning Committee Membership

The strategic plan for California State University, Fresno will be put into action this year. As we approach the university’s centennial in 2011, the strategic plan will serve as the blueprint for the transformation of the university.


Driven by dramatically changing economic, cultural, and demographic changes, the San Joaquin Valley is experiencing extraordinary increases in population; a very diverse and dynamic population. Throughout the state and the nation this change is often referred to as the “New California”, the part of California that offers a new frontier of development and opportunity.

The University’s last three strategic plans; Plan for the '90s, Plan for Excellence I (1997-2000), and the Plan for Excellence  II (2001-2006) established  a foundation for a new level of excellence and a culture of planning on our campus. This plan differs from the previous three in that we are focusing on innovation and transforming the university.    We will accomplish this through: pursuing excellence in learning and discovery and engaging effectively with community, government, business, education and nonprofit organizations. This strategic plan emphasizes the aggressive acquisition of resources, the use of technology to enhance learning and research, the development of additional graduate programs, strengthened student success programs, greater civic engagement opportunities for our students, interdisciplinary approaches to, and pride in, the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of campus service unmatched by other public universities in California. 

The new Campus Master Plan will ensure that improvements on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood will be aligned with the aspirations of our strategic plan.

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