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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

College of Health and Human Services SOAPs


data about Health and Human Services SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
CSDS Deaf Studies BA Brooke Findley 2018
CSDS Communicative Sciences, BA Brooke Findley 2018
CSDS Language-Pathology, MA Stephen Roberts 2019
Kinesiology, BS David Kinnunen 8-2014
Kinesiology, MS Jenelle Gilbert 8-2014
Nursing, BSN Janine Spencer 8-15-2019
Nursing, MSN Kammi Sayaseng  4-2019
Doctor of Nursing Practice Kathleen Rindahl 3-2019
Physical Therapy, DPT Jennifer Roos 9-2015
Public Health, BS Mary Garza, Mohammed Rahmn, and Jaymin Kwon 12-2013
Public Health, MPH Miguel Perez  3-2022
Recreation Administration, BS Jason Whiting  6-2020
Social Work Education, BA Travis Cronin 10-2015
Social Work Education, MSW Randy Nedegaard 10-2015