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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Student Outcomes Assessment Plan: SOAPs

Fresno State SOAP Template

A different common template for assessment known as the Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (SOAP) was introduced in 2013 and revised extensively in 2016. Departments and programs were required to use this version of the SOAP Template from 2016-2019 and this template is still used by most programs. However, in 2019 a revised version of the SOAP Template that more closely aligns to the Chancellors Office assessment guidelines was developed. Departments and Programs that revise their SOAPs have been using the new SOAP template since Fall 2019 . This new template has been only slightly revised (and it is organized in a slightly way to align to the Chancellor's Office assessment template). Therefore, a lot of information can be cut and pasted into the new template from the previous SOAP. When you do revise or create a new SOAP, please delete all unnecessary text and use the 2019 SOAP Template. If you have any questions about the required elements, you can access a document with a description of each of the required SOAP elements by clicking here. If you have any additional questions about revising your SOAP or are having difficulty using the template, please contact the Director of Assessment, Dr. Douglas Fraleigh ( Each time you revise or update your SOAP, please send the new version to Dr. Fraleigh as soon as possible so that the current version can be posted on the OIE website. 

Examples of SOAPs:

Africana Studies SOAP



important data of Arts and Humanities SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Art & Design Art History BA Wannasarn Noonsuk 8-2021
Art & Design Art Education Credential Ahran Koo under construction
Art & Design Graphic Design BFA Virginia Patterson 2-2021
Art & Design Integrated Design BA Laura Huisinga 3-2018
Art & Design Interior Design Silvana Polgar 7-2022
Art & Design Studio Art BA Matthew Hopson-Walker 9-2020
Art & Design Studio Art MA Stephanie Ryan  3-2020
Communication BA Kevin Macy Ayotte 10-2020
Communication MA Kevin Macy Ayotte 10-2020
English BA Melanie Hernandez 3-2017
English MA John Beynon 12-2018
English/Creative Writing, MFA Brynn Saito and Steven Church 9-2022
French, BA Tara Hashemi 11-2021
Linguistics, BA Michael Shepherd  2-2021
Linguistics, MA Chris Golston 12-2021
Media, Communications & Journalism Tamyra Pierce 9-2022
Music, Bachelor of Music Tony Mowrer 10-2022
Music, MA Don Henriques  10-2021
Philosophy, BA Carolyn Cusick  
Spanish, BA Daniel Calleros Villarreal  3-2018
Spanish, MA Jamie Rodriguez-Matos 2021
Theatre Arts, BA Melissa Gibson 2020
Theatre Arts, Dance BA Kenneth Balint 8-2018

data about Health and Human Services SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
CSDS Deaf Studies BA Brooke Findley 2022
CSDS Communicative Sciences, BA Brooke Findley 2022
CSDS Speech-Language Pathology, MA Brooke Findley 2022
CSDS Deaf Education, MA Brooke Findley 2022
Kinesiology, BS David Kinnunen 8-2014
Kinesiology, MS Jenelle Gilbert 8-2014
Nursing, BSN Janine Spencer 8-15-2019
Nursing, MSN Kammi Sayaseng  4-2019
Doctor of Nursing Practice Kathleen Rindahl 3-2019
Physical Therapy, DPT Jennifer Roos 9-2015
Public Health, BS Mary Garza, Mohammed Rahmn, Jaymin Kwon, and Miguel Perez 12-2013
Public Health, MPH Miguel Perez  3-2022
Recreation Administration, BS Jason Whiting  6-2020
Social Work Education, BA Travis Cronin 10-2015
Social Work Education, MSW Randy Nedegaard 10-2015

information about College of Science and Math SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Biochemistry, BS Joy Goto  
Biology, BS Emily Walter Nov-9-2017
Biology, MS David Lent  
Biotechnology, MBt  Alejandro Calderon-Urea 3-2016
Chemistry, BS Joy Goto 6-2014

Chemistry, MS

Krish Krishnan 6-2014
Computer Science, BS Alex Liu 9-2014
Computer Science, MS Jin Park 9-2017
Environmental Science, BS Aric Mine 9-2014
Geology, BS Mathieu Richaud  3-2019
Geology, MS Mathieu Richaud  11-2019
Mathematics, BS Michael Bishop 2013
Mathematics, MS Oscar Vega 2010
Natural Sciences, BA  Alexandria Hansen 11-2014
Physics, BS Doug Singleton 3-2016
Physics, MS Gerardo Munoz 3-2016
Physics Biomedical, BS
Mihai Gherase 5-2016
Psychology, BA Paul Price 2014
Psychology, MA Rosa Toro 2011
Psychology MA, Applied Behavior Analysis Marianne Jackson  6-2018
Ed. S. in School Psychology Hong Ni 9-2021

imporant info Social Sciences SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Africana Studies, BA Meta Schettler  9-2015
Anthropology, BA Walter Dodd 2013
Child and Family Science Andrea Roach  11-2019
Chicano & Latin American Studies, BA Anabella Espana-Najera  10-2020
Criminology, BS Monica Summers   9-2019
Criminology, MS Jordan Pickering  12-2020
Forensic Behavioral Sciences, B.S. Allen Azizian  6-2021
Geography and City Regional Planning, BA CK Leung 2014
History, BA Lori Clune 9-2022
History, MA Lori Clune 12-2022
Political Science, BA Nataliia Kasianenko 1-2021
Political Science, MA Kurt Cline 2013
Sociology, BA Chris Sullivan  2021
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, BA Kat Fobear  Posted 2018

information about School of Business
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Business, BA Jennifer Miele  7/2018
Economics, BA

Ahmad Borazan

Fashion Merchandising BA

Lizhu Davis

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Zhanna Sahatjian  1/2017

information about Jordan College SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Agricultural Business, BS Pei Xu 10-2019
Agricultural Education, BS Nicole Ray  2-2021
Animal Science, BS Katy Tarrant 9-2021
Animal Science, MS Amanda McKeith  1-2021
Enology BS  Miguel Pedroza  10-2019
Food Science and Culinology BS Erin Dormedy under construction
Human Nutritional Sciences, BS Shabnam Pooya 8-2018
Food and Nutritional Sciences, MS Shabnam Pooya 2020
Industrial Technology, BS Daming Zhang 12-2021
Industrial Technology, MS Arun Nambiar 10-2019 
Plant Science, BS Florence Cassel Sharma  3-2018
Plant Science, MS Jacob Wenger 3-2021
Viticulture, BS Luca Brillante 10-2019
Viticulture and Enology MS Luca Brillante 12-2013

Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
University Library Sarah McDaniel October 2020
information about Kremen School SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
information about Kremen School SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
information about Kremen School SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
information about Kremen School SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
information about Kremen School SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated

Information about Lyles College of Engineering SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Information about Lyles College of Engineering SOAPs
Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Architecture Studies, BS Michele Randel N/A
Civil Engineering, BS Fayzul Pasha 9-2021
Civil Engineering, MS Xiaojun Li 11-2022
Computer Engineering, B.S. Shahab Tayeb 2-2021
Computer Engineering, MS Zoulikha Mouffak 2-2021
Construction Management, BS Maria Calahorra-Jiminez 9-2022
Construction Management, M.S. Yupeng (Vivien) Luo  2-2021
Electrical Engineering, B.S. Woonki Na 2-2021
Electrical Engineering, MSE (MSE-EE) Zoulikha Mouffak 2-2021
Geomatics Engineering, BS Mustafa 'Mike' Berber 2020
Mechanical Engineering, BS Michael Jenkins 2020
Mechanical Engineering, MS Sankha Banerjee  10-2022

Faculty and SOAP Policy

This policy was approved by the Academic Senate in March of 2000.

Program Review Policy (updated 2006)

Assessment of learning outcomes is an increasingly important part of Program Review. For more information, see the Academic Program Review section of the OIE website.

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