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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

2021 Department/Program Reports

College of Arts and Humanities 
Dept/Prog Coordinator
Art and Design BA Matthew Hopson Walker
Art and Design MA Stephanie Ryan
Art and Design Art History BA Keith Jordan
Art and Design Graphic Design BA Martin Valencia
Art and Design Integrated Design BA Laura Huisinga
Art and Design Interior Design BA Silvana Polgar
Communication BA Kevin Ayotte
Communication MA  Kevin Ayotte
English MA John Beynon
English MFA Brynn Saito
French BA Tara Hashemi
Linguistics BA Michael Shepherd
Linguistics MA Chris Golston
Media, Comm, and Journalism Tamyra Pierce
Music BA Tony Mowrer
Music MA Donald Henriques
Philosophy BA Carolyn Cusick
Spanish BA Daniel Calleros Villarreal
Spanish MA Jamie Rodriguez Matos

College of Health and Human Services 
Dept/Prog Coordinator

CSDS Communicative Sciences BA

Brooke Findley

CSDS Deaf Studies BA

Brooke Findley

CSDS Deaf Education MA

Brooke Findley


Brooke Findley

Kinesiology BS PETE

Dawn Lewis

Kinesiology BS Exercise Science

Mark Baldis

KInesiology MA

Stephanie Moore

Kinesiology MS Athletic Training

Stephanie Moore

Nursing BSN

Janine Spencer

Nursing DNP

Kathleen Rindahl

Physical Therapy DPT

Jennifer Roos

Public Health BS

Drs. Graza, Kwon, Rahman, and Zografos

Public Health MPH

Drs. Perez and Zografos

Recreation Administration BS

Jason Whiting

Social Work Education BA

Travis Cronin

Social Work Education MSW

Randy Nedegaard

College of Science and Mathematics 
Dept/Prog Coordinator

Biology BS

Alexandria Hansen

Biology MS

Alexandria Hansen

Mathematics BS

Michael Bishop

Mathematics MS

Oscar Vega

Natural Sciences BA

Alexandria Hansen

Physics BS

Douglas Singleton

Physics MS

Gerardo Munoz

Psychology BA

Paul Price

Psychology MA Applied Behavior Analysis

Marianne Jackson

Psychology EdS School Psychology

Marilyn Wilson

College of Social Sciences 
Dept/Prog Coordinator

Africana Studies BA

Meta Schettler

Anthropology BA

Walter Dodd

Child and Family Sciences BS

Andrea Roach

Chicano and Latin American Studies BA

Annabella Espana-Najera

Criminology BA

Monica Summers

Criminology BS

Jordan Pickering

Forensic Behavioral Sciences BS

Andrea Arndorfer

Geography BS

Mohan Dangi

History BA

Julia Shatz

History MA

Brad Jones

Political Science BA

Tom Holyoke

Political Science MPA

Kurt Cline

Sociology BA

Amber Crowell

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Larissa Mercado Lopez

Craig School of Business 
Dept/Prog Coordinator

Business Administration BS

Jennifer Miele

Business Administratin MBA

Kevin Capehart


Ahmad Borazan and Antonio Avalos

Fashion Merchandising BA

Lizhu Davis

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology 
Dept/Prog Coordinator

Agricultural Business BS

Pei Xi and Serhat Asci

Agricultural Sciences MS

Amanda McKeith

Animal Sciences BS

Randy Perry

Enology BS

Miguel Pedroza

Food Science and Nutrition BS

Shabnam Pooya

Food Science and Nutrition MS

Shabnam Pooya

Industrial Technology BS

Daming Zhang

Industrial Technology MS

Arun Nambiar

Plant Science BS

Florence Cassel

Plant Science MS

Jacob Wenger

Viticulture and Enology BS

Luca Brillante

Kremen School of Education and Human Development 
Dept/Prog Coordinator
CRMHCFCC MS Mandy Greaves and Yuleinys Castillo
Counseling MS Soua Xiong
Curriculum and Instruction MA Carol Fry Bowman
Early Childhood Education MA Feiyan Chen
Educational Leadership P12 MA Jessica Hannigan
Educational Leadership EdD Ignacio Hernandez
Higher Education Administration and Leadership MA Jonathan Pryor
Liberal Studies BA Fred Nelson
Multilingual/Multicultural Education MA Teresa Huerta
Reading and Language Arts MA Imelda Basurto
Special Education MA William Garnett
Teaching MA Nancy Akhavan
Kremen School of Education and Human Development 
Dept/Prog Coordinator

Lyles College of Engineering 
Dept/Prog Coordinator
Civil Engineering BS Fayzul Pasha
Civil Engineering MS William Wright
Construction Management BS Wei Wu
Electrical and Computer Engineering BS Youngwook Kim and Aaron Stillmaker
Geomatics Engineering BS Mustafa "Mike" Berber

University Library
Dept/Prog Coordinator

 Library Assessment

Britt Foster