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Division of Academic Affairs

General Education

Originally Appoved Syllabi

Area A - Fundamental Skills and Knowledge

A1 Oral Communication: Communication 378 

A2 Written Communication: English 5B10 

A3 Critical Thinking: Africana & American Indian Studies 20Anthropology 30Chicano & Latin American Studies 30Communication 5Computer Science 1Geography 25Geomatics Engineering 5Natural Science 4Philosophy 2545Sociology 3Women’s Studies 12 

B4 Quantitative Reasoning: Decision Sciences 71Mathematics 457575A

Area B - Physical Universe and Its Life Forms

B1 Physical Sciences: Chemistry 1A3A10Earth & Environmental Sciences 14Physical Science 21Physics 2A4A & 4AL10 

B2 Life Sciences: Biology 1A101112 

B3 Laboratory Component: B1 or B2 must have a lab (All B1 and B2 courses taken at Fresno State have a lab component.)

Area C - Arts and Humanities

C1 Arts: Armenian Studies 20Art 1204050Art History 1011Chicano & Latin American Studies 9Drama 2262English 414344Music 974

C2 Humanities: Armenian 1B2A2BChinese 1A1BCommunicative Disorders and Deaf Studies 9092English 2030French 1B2A2BGerman 1B2A2BGreek 1A1BHmong 1BHumanities 10111520Italian 1A1B2A2BJapanese 1A1BLatin 1A1AH1BLinguistics 10Persian 1A1BPhilosophy 121020Portuguese 1A1BSpanish 1B2A2B34A4B

Area D - Social, Political & Economic Institutions & Behavior

D1 American History: History 1112 

D2 American Government: Political Science 2 

D3 Social Science: Africana and American Indian Studies 11015273650Agricultural Economics 1Anthropology 23Armenian Studies 10Asian American Studies 15Child & Family Studies 31Chicano & Latin American Studies 35Communicative Disorders & Deaf Studies 98Criminology 10Economics 254050Geography 24History 2021Industrial Technology 20Mass Communication & Journalism 1Middle East Studies 10Political Science 171Psychology 10Sociology 1 or 1S, 2 or 2S; Women’s Studies 10

Area E - Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

E Lifelong Understanding & Self-Development: Animal Science 67Art 13Child & Family Studies 3839Dance 1670Drama 32Finance 30Gerontology 10S18111Health Science 9091110Kinesiology 32 and KAC 6, 21, 24, 31, 33, 39, or 103; Linguistics 30Nutrition 53Psychology 61Recreation & Leisure Studies 10S80Women’s Studies 18